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When I activate OmniFocus (after I've closed any OF windows), it seems to go to Projects view. Is there a way to either make OF display a certain Perspective when I reopen the OF window, or reopen the last "perspective" that I had open?

In other words, I want to see my customized Context perspective when I open the OF window by clicking its Dock icon.
You can open a given perspective by opening the file that contains it. If you add your favorite perspective to the dock, you're all set. Perspectives are found in the Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Perspectives folder. Add a file to the dock by dragging it to the dock to the right of the line that shows up between applications and the trash can.

Another approach would be to use Quicksilver or another launch tool to open the perspective file.
Surprisingly, we don't appear to have a feature request open on the ability to specify a perspective that newly-created windows should display.

Interested parties should use the "Send Feedback" item under the help menu to email the support ninjas - we'll add a feature request and attach votes. Thanks!

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Something that might dovetail with that is the ability to set up a default column arrangement. Maybe that amounts to much the same thing, perhaps a bit friendlier to those who haven't figured out perspectives yet.
Thanks; I've submitted a request to the ninjas.

For some reason, I'm fairly sure this behavior changed recently -- I think OF used to behave like I expected it to, because I only recently noticed this quirk.
So, how do you think that OmniFocus "knew" to open that perspective? Or put a different way, can you describe the behavior you think it had, such that someone would have enough detail to implement it?

If you actually quit the application instead of just closing all of its windows, it will start up with the same windows; could that have been what you were seeing?
Looking back, I thought that OmniFocus noted which perspective or view was open when you closed its last open window, and then when you reopened the OF window, it would restore that perspective.

Currently, OmniFocus reverts to a "default" perspective if there are no existing OmniFocus windows open when you click the Dock Icon -- whereas I thought that it used to open the last perspective you had open in earlier builds.

(I'm referring to when you close the last open window but keep OmniFocus open -- not "Quitting" the app entirely, necessarily. Just closing the last open window)
Originally Posted by Shutter View Post
Currently, OmniFocus reverts to a "default" perspective if there are no existing OmniFocus windows open when you click the Dock Icon -- whereas I thought that it used to open the last perspective you had open in earlier builds.
Yeah, I've noticed this recently too. However, it doesn't really bothered me and I'm not sure it's even a bug. But still, I think it warrants further investigation.

Has anyone sent feedback on this?

Another customer identified a bug today which I suspect is what you ran into: it happens when you've got a window open which includes a perspective and that perspective is focused on some set of projects/contexts. The "Show All" or "Revert to default view" commands are used.

Here's the bug: even if you subsequently point this window at another one of your perspectives, the preferences don't get updated properly. Close that window and open another one, and you'll get a window that's pointed at the "Show All" view.

This has been biting me occasionally for a while now, but I never managed to figure out exactly what caused it. I owe the user that did a cookie. :-)

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