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Hub List is entirely written in JavaScript. It does not use any UI toolkit components from Titanium. Appcelerator Titanium is soley used for packaging into native desktop application formats.

I've spent quite a bit of time getting the UI pixel perfect to Mac OSX UI standards so please give it a shot before knocking it or pre-judging.

Also on the mobile front,Appcelerator Titanium is not currently in violation of Apple's TOS. There has been a lot of discussion about this recently you can find more info online.

Thanks for the interest in Hub List! I'd love to hear anyone's feedback and experience using the app next week when the first beta comes out.
Thanks for dropping by. The screenshots look wonderful and I can't wait to give it a test drive. I am very interested in the collaboration and sharing features of the app.
Also on the mobile front,Appcelerator Titanium is not currently in violation of Apple's TOS.
Be careful. For the developers of Titanium to say "It’s our belief that we are fully in compliance with iPhone OS 4.0 ToS as we interpret them" does not make Titanium an approved development environment for the iPhone. The developers are simply saying that they hope their environment is ok, not that Apple specifically recognizes or approves it.

Apple might be approving apps built with Titanium now, but that could stop tomorrow if Apple discovers how the apps were developed (and cares). Then what do you do? How would you deal with Apple pulling the plug on Titanium-developed apps? Reading through all the comments, there seems to be many with the same concerns, and a few of those comments suggest that some developers aren't willing to bet their future on such a risk.

I hope this works out for you. I really do. But I don't feel like putting my faith in a product that is developed, as I see it, outside the bounds of Apple's ToS. Just too risky considering how much I would want to rely on the software.

since it's all JavaScript the mobile edition is highly portable. there is zero chance that it would suddenly become unavailable ever. in the event something happens to Appcelerator Titanium the app could easily be placed into another container like PhoneGap (there are a few others as well). in the event that didn't work it could instantly be made available as a web based app with little changes. so as far as being able to rely on it for serious work there is absolutely no risk that it would suddenly become unavailable. it just might be delivered slightly differently and even that situation is unlikely. at the time of this writing no apps have been denied access to the AppStore solely because they use Titanium or PhoneGap.
Of the two options you mention, I'd give RememberTheMilk a go.

The RTM web interface is great for adding tasks from any machine you are on and you can also email tasks. If you take up their pro option, then they have a great iPhone client.

I'm using OmniFocus on the iPhone and iPad at the moment as I used to use it when I was using a Mac (I now work in a PC environment) and thought it was great. RTM don't yet have an iPad app, otherwise I'd still be with them.

I'm really missing the ability to add tasks via email and the browser, so I may be heading back to RTM even though the OmniFocus iPad app is pretty good. RTM also integrates (in a basic form) with Google Calendar.

If you go with Toodledo, try Taska as your iPad as it syncs and has a nice clean GTD interface.

If I were a college student instead of a well-paid faculty member (cough, cough), I would use Toodledo, no question. It's a lot cheaper, and buys you approximately the same functionality. I don't think either is a bad choice.
I know this is an old thread but I suggest looking at gtd-php, it might be exactly what you want. I used it before moving to OF (because I want a desktop and iphone app over web access). php-gtd is open source and is a full and complete implementation of GTD including all runway to 50,000ft levels (not only tasks and projects).

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