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My mail rule to add new items to my omnifocus inbox is broken. It worked very well prior to yesterday.

I send mail using the "+omnifocus" extension in the email address. The Mail application appears to do exactly what it's supposed to do when it gets the message, however nothing is added to my omnifocus inbox.

Here is a list of the troubleshooting I've conducted so far in order to resolve this:
  • I clicked the "Reset" button on the "Mail" tab in omnifocus preferences. I then configured. This did not solve the problem
  • I completely removed all omnifocus files (including the preference file) from my mac and did a fresh install. This also did not solve the problem
  • I tried running other applescripts on my system to see if they were functional (thinking maybe something was wrong with applescript). Other applescripts run fine
  • I tried changing the preferences to use the "--" prefix on the email subject line, but this made no difference either

Any suggestions are appreciated!
Have you made *any* changes to your configuration?
I built some Smart Folders, but no other changes.
I've had this same problem ever since I started using Omnifocus way back in the Sneaky Peek days. I have never been able to make anything appear via email, in my Omnifocus Inbox. When the rule runs in Mail.App, it activates Omnifocus (so *something* is happening), but the actual content never appears anywhere in the application. I'm running the latest Tiger OS, Mail.App, and using Gmail. About a year or so ago one of the Support Ninjas commented that "wierd things happen with Omnifocus and Gmail accounts" and that's as far as we got.

Anyway ever break through this issue with a specific solution?

- Jammer
Here are the things I can remember which we know that can cause problems:

1) The mail that's being processed has to be plain text; processing HTML or rich text email would require much, much more complicated AppleScripts, which is how we're doing the processing.

2) Make sure that what appears in OmniFocus' "look for these characters in the subject of the email" field of preferences matches exactly what appears in the mail. Examples: if "-- " has been entered in preferences, and your email starts with "--something", your mail won't make it to OmniFocus because of the missing space character after the dashes.

The Plain Text is key - I never realized this, and didn't see it front and center on any of my searches. This is huge. Works like a champ. Massive thanks!

- Jammer
After further troubleshooting, it suddenly occurred to me that my employer changed the domain name on our email address, and as a result, the emails I was now sending to omnifocus were coming from an address that omnifocus was not configured to recognize. After adding the new email address to the "Allowed from addresses:" preference, the problem was resolved.
Excellent-- glad to hear it, and appreciate that you closed the loop on this.
The mail rule suddenly stopped working for me also. I tried the suggestions in this thread without success, including sending plain text. Does anyone have any additional ideas by chance?

Same problem here. Any thoughts, Lizard?

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