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[SOLVED] Need help - what happened now - can no longer sync!!! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
wow it was so great since 1.03 came out everything was going great with sync then bang I hit a wall - no more syncing! it just keep syncing with no result so I reset my database but that did nothing as well and now I have zero info on my iphone which is what I use for my primary task functions.

not happy.

i get unable to synchronize database with server. unable to read document. unable to read the contents of ""

any help would be appreciated

update - finally got to the point where it says what copy would i like to use local or server so I select server, it starts to sync since I can monitor on the sync progress bar but then it times out

unable to synchronize database with server. cannot copy. unable to get list of source files from ""

Last edited by JamesX; 2008-08-20 at 06:27 AM..
more information on my problem

not sure if this is related to my problem but its definately a concern to me - I read this tip re: keeping your iphone sync running smoothly:

"1) Make sure your .ofocus file is smooshing properly. When all your clients are synced up, you should only have a couple .zip files in your OmniFocus.ofocus file. Follow the steps here on one Mac and sync it, choosing "Local" if you get prompted. Then resync all your other machines and choose "Server" to get the smooshed file."

not sure if this relates to my local copy on my mac or server copy but by server copy is "bloated" so many zip files - too many to count

I would like to clean up these files but cannot figure out how to from all the instructions floating all over the forums.
wow this is absolutely frustrating - i have wasted so much time with this...

i am now getting unable to get list of source files from the"

come on guys throw me a bone here
Sorry for the confusion here - it looks like your sync settings got edited accidentally, which is causing omnifocus to look for the sync files in a location that doesn't exist.

You want to edit your sync settings so they read<your mobile me user name goes here>/Documents/

Basically, there needs to be a double-forward-slash after the colon in the address, and unless your MobileMe user name is "mylocation", the middle section of the settings may not be correct. It should be whatever appears before the "" part of your MobileMe email address.

(If you're using the "Advanced" sync tab, another option would be to switch over to the "MobileMe" tab and let OmniFocus fill in the settings for you.)
Tx for the reply Brian - much appreciated...

I don't believe that was ever the problem with what was going on for me...

I have been able to get my data back onto my iphone, what I ended up doing was deleting OF on the iphone and re-installing.

That seem to do the trick to get the data back on BUT unfortunately the syncing is back to PRE 1.03 - the bar fills up pretty quickly but the syncing "spinner keeps spinning"

Any ideas what is causing this?
wow this is just getting worse - OF now does not even open on my iphone - just stays at loading... - nothing happens
Here's the instructions for smooshing your zip files so it is less likely to time out:

If you don't have a Mac, email and one of our crack ninjas will help sort you out.

If you have a Mac...
Sync all your Macs, then run the attached applescript on whichever one has the most up-to-date info.
(You can run an applescript by opening the "Script Editor" application, opening the script file, and pressing the "Run" button.)
Next, open up your iDisk (or whatever location you're storing your sync database in) and rename its copy of the OmniFocus database to "OmniFocus-Old".
Do a sync from the machine that you ran the applescript on.
Launch OmniFocus on your phone and start a sync; when asked whether to use the 'local' or 'server' copy, choose 'server'.

Your syncs should now take a reasonable amount of time again.
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Have had no issues, running all the latest sneaky peeks. Tonight I get on my iphone:

Unable to read document. No root transactions found in ""

Suggestions? Running iphone 2.0.2.
@ddeguz - same here. Never had sync problems - since I installed the latest nightly build I get the same error message as you - on both the mac version and the iPhone version.
The Omnifocus.ofocus file on iDisk is Zero K.

OmniDudes- sounds like you have a major bug on your hands here. Anything?

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