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OmniFocus as a 3rd party app on the iPhone? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
In lew of the recent announcements from Apple regarding 3rd party apps on the iPhone, has anyone at Omni thought about this? (or the afore mentioned OmniNapkin with Ken and Merlin).

Thanks for the great Alpha... its working well for me.
Thought about it? Yes.

But as we have a pre-alpha build of OmniFocus and a iPhone that hasn't even been announced to have ANY third party apps, I would say it is a long way off if ever.

It will be interesting to see what the iPhone does have for Task/Calendars as that has never been demoed.

Well, it's official: Steve Jobs today announced quite liberal support for 3rd-party apps to run on the iPhone. This is fantastic news....

Edit: Here's a link:

Edit #2: I ran across the following quote:

>>Many participants had hoped that Apple would deliver a full third party software developer kit for its upcoming iPhone. Instead, Apple suggested developers work on Web 2.0/Ajax solutions for iPhone. <<

I'm not a programmer, so what I thought was "liberal" support for 3rd-party apps perhaps is not. :-)

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Damnit – I don't want to connect to the internet every time I want to add an entry into my timesheet / billing system. I don't want to connect to the internet to play a game. I don't want to connect to the internet to do much, except connect to the internet. When did apple become Microsoft?

<sigh> So disappointed.
I'm not so sure you would have to be on the internet to use it, from what I understand is that it just has to open via safari. I would guess apple would only announce this if it could be stored locally on the iPhone. I think, but I know very little about programing, that it would be good enough for a iPhone interface for omnifocus.

And right now omnifocus is the only iPhone must have app that I can think of.
Well, a Cha-Ching transaction entry extension would be nice to have. In fact, I can think of a bunch of data entry type applications (some of which are nonexistant) that it would be nice to have just the data entry portion on a mobile device. Because there are some things that just don't need to be online any more than necessary.
Originally Posted by justint
I'm not so sure you would have to be on the internet to use could be stored locally on the iPhone...
In the Keynote there was mention of developers not having to push out updates and get them onto the phone which I interpreted as 3rd party apps would be web pages reached via the internet. The iPhone does have the ability to connect wirelessly, so this does not necessarily mean a toll charge by AT&T, but it could.

Won't be getting rid of my Palm any time soon with that approach.

edit: maybe not; Agendus only has 15 categories for ToDos and I have way more that that of the OF: variety.

Last edited by pjb; 2007-06-12 at 06:43 AM..
Forget about charges for data usage. I want to be able to work on the subway!

I really want to stop stringing together cumbersome solutions! PDAs have been out for 10 years now. Why do they still suck?!

I use a financial app, a timekeeping app, a "todo app", an email app, a calendar, and an adress book. Finance app requires a 3rd party windows app in bootcamp with a 4th party sync util. Timekeeping requires 2rd party software with 3rd party sync. I really thought apple was going to make it right. <sigh>
A web-based shopping-list app optimized for the iPhone:

(Interesting that it's a list app. Perhaps there's a glimmer of hope for OmniFocus -- our beloved list on steroids.) :-)
I believe that the web-based app solutions that Steve was acting all jazzed about (!) is feasible. Not the best, but workable.

I would certainly hope that the apps could run "locally" and not require a live connection to a server somewhere. For pushing updates, etc, fine. But for normal usage I would thing the web apps could run locally just as they do on your Mac at home.

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