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Is it possible to put the OF database on a shared disk and have the database accessed simultaneously by two instances of OF running on separate machines? Thought I'd ask before trying... Thanks.
BTW, this interests me because I've been playing with the web interface for OF and realized my ideal usage pattern wouldn't fit. I use a laptop much of the time and an iPhone while out and about. I'd like to use OF with the iPhone and that would mean running OF on an internet-connected server. The problem is that server isn't my laptop.

Now imagine if the OF database resided on the server, and could be accessed by a desktop machine running OF, a laptop running OF or an iPhone or other mobile device using an OF specific web interface.

Anyway, just curious about what's possible. Thanks.
I was wandering if Omni was going to write a .mac plug in to sync multiple machines.

I work between two Macs and having .mac support would be so nice. I currently use OmniOutliner for GTD on .mac. So just a vote for your suggestion.
Omni any plans for .mac sync? it would be really nice especially for people that have more then 1 machine.
I'd like to echo the above requests. If I can't sync, in some fashion or another, the db between my work and home machines, this software loses a significant amount of its usefulness for me. While I am a .mac member, and that method would be sufficient, I understand the technical concerns leveraging their system raises, and I'd support alternative sync'ing methods, so long as its sufficiently mature in its design (manual export/import is below the bar)
This is addressed in other threads, but the short answer is that .Mac syncing won't be in 1.0. We might add it afterwards, and we'll be looking closely at syncing in February with respect to the iPhone (and many of the issues are the same).
CTO, The Omni Group
.Mac? Oh please no. Syncing? Only if there's no better way. Just put the database in the cloud (local or wide area) and let multiple devices read and write to it. The web interface, with some additions (like project view, linking email addresses, phone numbers and urls, etc.), would be a perfect lightweight GTD app for mobile devices as long as the database is reachable. Please?
I use OF on my desktop and my laptop. Made an Automator thingy that zips the OF database and the uploads it with Transmit to my iDisk. And of course another that downloads it and extracts it. It works fine for me now.

I also tried using iDisk directly, but syncing the database with all it's small xml files takes ages, so that's why I zip and sync now.

For those interested, I've zipped the workflows and put them on my iDisk, it's the file. You'll have to edit the paths to get it working of course :)
How about a REST interface for OF? OK, I'll stop now...

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