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SP12 failure in javascript? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Some web pages won't load. Searches on Amazon failed. I was reading threads on Apple Discussions, but when I tried to login, it hung and would not proceed.

My guess is that there is something amiss in javascript support.

These are issues I have never seen before, ever.

10.4.6, latest updates. FireFox (Minefield) logs in, works.

SP11 works too. (have them both running just to test).
Both sites worked perfectly for me, SP12. Something else must be going on?
try deleteing any caches etc just incase.
I don't even keep a cache, so that rules that out.

As I said, sp11 works, 12 did not and for now trashing sp12, maybe 13 is my lucky number :D
Can you give us some steps to reproduce it? I can search on Amazon just fine.
I don't know that I did anything and there weren't any "steps" - I was scanning threads and messages on Apple G5 discussion, wanted to reply so it asked me to login. And presented me with a blank page.

I am testing on an older system, but same software etc and SP12 works. HOWEVER, after shutting down and later restart, OW SP12 is failing to reach a number of sites, even though FF doesn't have the least bit of trouble.

that tells me that there is 'something' wrong, but I am confused and unsure what or why.

It was beginning to seem like multiple sites all depending on java were not working and I had to give up for then. But I think it has to be deeper than just that. And it is happening too soon for it to have anything to do with javascript.

I sent a Sample via Feedback. Four sites failing to load or be reached does not make sense. And it only happens with SP12, no other browser.

Last edited by Mad Hatter; 2006-05-27 at 11:56 AM..
I've discovered a reproducible javascript bug in sp12. My bookmarklet for, which spawns a popup window, is being blocked every time. My preference is set to block only when not requested.
Two sites that are consistent in not loading. both are forums and are bookmark links to bring up "today's threads."


Update: I removed the plist from Preferences and it loads.

So the problem is SP12 doesn't like something in there that SP11 is happy with.

Now, there is no way I now to use Plist Editor to export and import the 100s of site preferences I have so import everything - or to know what or why.

The new plist is now 8K and the old file was 96K.

will Property List Editor help compare the two?

Last edited by Mad Hatter; 2006-05-28 at 06:51 AM..
Things were fine with new plist.
No crashes or anything.
But the problem reaching and having Apple Discussions is back.
I was on the site earlier and had no problem.
Now, with over 1 minute, it is a blank page.

May 29 10:08:58 timed out [NSURLErrorDomain/-1001]

If Apple is down, OW 5.5 should do something more than just hang, no?

And yes, I can reach the Apple Discussions top level, but clicking on link to any sub forum fails. So in this case, it is different, and even FF fails.

So if it is "down for maintenance" there isn't the expected web page - slopppy maintenance or maybe crashed and no backup server kicked it.

What I need to do is change the time-out. SP11 did finally put up an error message, but SP12 did not. Not even after over one minute (more like two when I tried loading another page).

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