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I'm new to Omniplan and having a lot of difficulty.
After working a while "undo" throws :
undo: NSUndoManager 0x15e2d100 is in invalid state, undo was called with too many nested undo groups

restart didn't help. My plan is not very complex.

MBP, 10.5.4, Ommiplan 1.6 rc1

What version of OmniPlan are you using? OmniPlan 1.5.1 fixed a number of bugs like this.
Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
What version of OmniPlan are you using? OmniPlan 1.5.1 fixed a number of bugs like this.
Brian mentioned he was using OmniPlan 1.6 rc 1. As Liz mentioned we fixed a lot of bugs like that in 1.5.1. In fact, we fixed all instances that we could figure out how to reproduce. It would be a great help if you could provide us with a starting document and a set of steps starting with "launch and open this document" and ending with "see the error!".

The Help -> Send Feedback... menu item provides a convenient way to send this the the appropriate email address and include a censored version of your document.


Originally Posted by Tom Bunch View Post
It would be a great help if you could provide us with a starting document and a set of steps starting with "launch and open this document" and ending with "see the error!".

The problem didn't occur as often today. I have modified my way of working to not have so many grouped tasks duplicated. I'm using single tasks to represent the more detailed group. I've working about an hour, saving as I go, and was moving the position of the a task on the timeline. I went to undo and it throws the error. Once you have the error, there is no more undo.
Other programs running: Excel, Evernote, Entourage, Firefox.
I'm using the latest version (1.6) and getting the same issue but it is Intermittent and I cannot work out why? It does seem related to a sequence of "undo's". Saving and restarting the app normally solves the problem but it can be a pain!!
I'm having the same problem with 1.6.1 (v143.16). Seems to happen when i have made many adjustments to various tasks, switching between Task and Resource views. Will send a sample file.

I should mention that when i get this error, my machine is totally hosed. OmniPlan hangs, other apps hang, no force quit, OS cannot quit or restart. Very not pretty. (I will say that the Dock is a trooper, though.)

Last edited by russncraig; 2008-12-11 at 05:33 PM..
Please contact the support ninjas from the Help menu in OmniPlan so we can work on this with you. The worst thing we're supposed to be able to do is crash or hang our own application.

The fact that a third-party app can do something like this to your machine is something we definitely want to take a look at. We're likely triggering a bug in Cocoa or in the OS itself; we'll want to stop doing whatever it is that's triggering the problem, and provide info to Apple so they can fix the underlying issue.

Thanks very much for the help!

Last edited by Brian; 2008-12-11 at 06:34 PM.. Reason: "Please definitely" doesn't make any sense.

just quickly, I have had the same problems with the cant undo errors.

Interestingly, I had iTunes minimised to "tiny window float on top" mode and while the system or omniplan didn't hang, entering data into omniplan was controlling iTunes.

What ever I was doing, (I was running on autopilot) iTunes was advancing to the next track? At first I thought I must have used a shortcut to inadvertently change focus to iTunes, but I don't think so.
I haven't received the NSUndoManager error in a long time. I do however run into problems with application performance after making a bunch of plan changes. I am suspecting that the undo buffer gets full and starts impacting performance. When I notice this happening I quit and restart.

I just downloaded version 1.6.1 (I was on 1.5.something but hadn't used OmniPlan in a few months). This version of Omniplan seems to freeze up a lot, especially if I'm trying to correct a typo in a Task's Start Date. I generally correct this data in the Start column rather than the Inspector (small screen real-estate...) For instance, I want to change the time of a Task: I'll highlight the current time portion of the data and start typing the corrected time, but it gets tacked onto the year without any spaces, so instead of 23/12/2008 10:00 I'll get 23/12/200810 and that's when the whole thang hangs...

I'm on an iBook G4 1GHz, running Tiger 10.4.11, with 1.12 GB RAM.

I took a peek at the Activity Monitor during a recent freeze and Omniplan was hogging around 90% of the CPU. In case that helps...


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