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The send-to-omnifocus email works great with both the Mac desktop and iPhone Omnifocus versions. It's quick and easy.
So why doesn't it work, using exactly the same mail program, mail account, etc from the iPad?
It just sits there. No error, nothing.
Originally Posted by Haysie View Post
The send-to-omnifocus email works great with both the Mac desktop and iPhone Omnifocus versions. It's quick and easy.
So why doesn't it work, using exactly the same mail program, mail account, etc from the iPad?
It just sits there. No error, nothing.
It's working fine in my system. So, I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. Now are you getting the return email but it's not starting up OF in iPad or you are not getting the return email?

Just another idea/enhancement. (I also work in a Windows environment with my personal iPhone, and my mac in the bag most of the time, and no company e-mail on my phone).

Create a webpage, let people register an e-mail, confirm it, and then allow people to create tasks that are mailed to their registered e-mail.

This will allow me to quickly generate my work actions on a webpage and have them sent to my iPhone. I don't ask for sync to my idisk or anything fancy, just like the e-mail service but from a simple web interface instead.

As it is now, I have to use my gmail, which is frowned upon and it does make keep-alive requests that make me look very active on the Internet.
You can already do essentially that:

Visit the page, type in your action, paste resulting link into an email to a personal account. Read it on iPhone (or Mac) and tap link to add to OmniFocus.

The page does its work locally, too — no data is sent elsewhere, and you could probably just keep a local copy of the page if you don't want to be seen visiting the Omni site. Still a problem if you aren't allowed to send personal email, though. Strikes me that such a company might also be unhappy if you were doing this with work-related information (even though you are trying to increase your productivity).

Another approach would be to use OmniFocus for iPhone's ability to record audio attachments to dictate actions to yourself. Later, play them back and type in on Mac, then delete audio.

I hope other aspects of your job make putting up with this nonsense worthwhile!
What a nice feature! For those of us who use Windows at work, and use our Iphone to run Omnifocus while having our exchange email on the Iphone as well, it is a nice way to get email tasks into Omnifocus!

That's what I like about you guys… always thinking!
Originally Posted by elsueco View Post
Nice addition to OmniFocus!

It would be great if your new service respected the reply-to email address. That way I could let others send me action items by mailing send-to-omnifocus and setting reply-to to my email address.
Just realized I never followed up on this: we don't allow this because it would allow folks to send spam through our server. (Spammer sends message with other folks listed as the reply-to.)
I like the feature, but I have had some issues with our corporate email system mangling the links. Something to do with the encoding apparently.

I work in a windows and novell groupwise environment (I know who uses this?) at work and have been running OF on my iPad, which is now finally supported on groupwise. I normally have OF and apple mail running on my iMac at home, with the Clip-o-tronic mail script running, so when I have a task in an email at the office, I mail it to my omnifocus address, it gets delivered to the inbox on apple mail, and then scripted into OF. That then gets synced into OF on my iPad. I know, a bit kludgey, but it works...most of the time. It doesn't work when the computer gets shut down after a restart, or I get logged off by my wife who shares the computer!

I've recently switched over to the Omni Sync Server, which is great and would like to switch completely over to the completely as well. The other issue I have with it is the fact that each task has to be mailed separately , whereas when I use the apple mail method, I can put multiple tasks with details in a single mail.

So, after all this rambling, my question is: Are there any plans to replicate the functionality of the clip-o-tron to the method? This would be an excellent feature to OF, and short of creating the OF web-based service/client, my number one request.

Thanks and keep up the great work.
Another solution if you don't want the whole text of the email is to forward your email to your Instapaper mail-in address.

It then shows up in Instapaper on your iPad and you can select "send to OmniFocus" to add it as a task. It seems this includes the subject of the email as the task and any links included in the message in notes and nothing else (which I actually prefer in many cases).
On my computer at home, I have Mail running, with the "add Mail rule to create Omnifocus actions" preference set. Assuming my computer is on and connected to the internet, I can usually email myself anything I want to, provided I match the rule, and Mail will pass it on to OF on my Mac -- I'm syncing my iPod Touch via DAV (thought the beta server would work fine too), so usually within 10-15 minutes of e-mailing, the item is in my OF inbox both on my Mac and my iPod. Also, that e-mail gets deleted when it's processed which is nice.

And if the Mac is not at home, it all gets cleaned up the next time it's turned on. Anything I add via e-mail is not likely to be so important it can't wait a little while to be processed.
Gmail is definitely stripping the link. It's blue, but not underlined and you can't click it.

Inspect Element brings up:

<div style="font-size:1em;width:95%;margin:auto;text-align:center;margin-top:15px"><a>Send to OmniFocus</a></div>

View Original brings up:

<div id='addaction' style='font-size: 1em; width:95%; margin: auto; text-align: center; margin-top:15px;'><a href=omnifocus:///add?name=test&note=%0A>Send to OmniFocus</a></div>

What about having a "http://" link with urlencoded GET parameters that loads a page where the "omnifocus:///add?..." can be run automatically via javascript or display a clickable link as a fallback?

Too much to ask?

RTM convert here. Loving OmniFocus so far. :)


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