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There is no longer a Save As version in my Omnigraffle Pro. Is this intentional?
Sorry for the trouble!

Hmmm... I just grabbed a fresh copy of version 5.2.3 from the website and installed it; I'm still seeing a Save As... menu item. What version do you have installed, and what version of the OS is installed on your Mac?
Just had a thought - do other applications on your system have a Save As item? (TextEdit, for example.)
I believe this is new with Lion. You save files as versions now.

There is still a wary to save as - use the open duplicate function then choose to save it and you'll be propelled for a new file name..

now if I could just find out how to actually view the versions once they are saved to compare I'd be all set.
This is not a good answer. The decision to remove "Save As..." is arbitrary, and unintuitive. Why should I have to visit a forum to figure out how to use tools all over again? Safari 5.1 has a "Save As..." menu. BBEdit 10 retains "Save As...". There may be some conceptually elegant reason for eliminating "Save As...", but it doesn't make my work any easier.
count me as one of the people that would like to see "save as" returned. using duplicate and "versions" feels clunky and just confuses a well established, understood and simple paradigm.
Keep in mind that this is a system-wide change in Lion, and we adopted the change at Apple's recommendation. Preview, TextEdit, and all the iWork apps do this now, as well as apps from other third party developers that are sticking close to Apple's guidelines. (It sounds like Safari hasn't adopted this change yet, but most of the other apps from Apple have, in other words.)

If time shows that the new method is actually a step backwards, Apple will address that. In the meantime, different applications behaving in a consistent manner is one of the things that makes the Mac platform easier to use than other OSes. That's an important feature, and not one I think we want to give up lightly.

Last edited by Brian; 2011-07-29 at 02:46 PM.. Reason: added reference to Safari vs. other Apple apps, clarify language
Just because Apple says it doesn't make it always right. What was a simple one-step process to save a file with new name (or, more typically, slightly modified name such as adding a version number) has now become a two-step process. That's a step backward...
I agree. This is not a useful workflow. It is typical to use a previous diagram as the template for a new/altered version. "Save As" is used to generate that new diagram and name it in one move. If you choose "duplicate" you either have to then execute a second action immediately in order to specify the new name and location, or leave it "on the stack" in your brain as something gnawing at you, and which you might forget.

This is not an intuitive or helpful way of working. I wish I hadn't updated. This is a bit of a functionality ambush for something so core and established.
As an FYI, you can always Option-drag the document icon from the titlebar to the Desktop or anywhere in the Finder to quickly save a document as a copy.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

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