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So I *really* want to be able to use iDisk for syncing with OmniFocus for iPhone. I have a MobileMe account... but I have issues with putting all of
my OmniFocus data out there unencrypted on my iDisk.

What I'm basically looking for is to be able to have OmniFocus on the Mac generate a key, share it with OmniFocus iPhone (in the same way it shares other settings), and then write out the Synced data to iDisk encrypted.

Any chance of OmniFocus providing some encryption options for Sync to iDisk?
Feature requests like this are best sent to us via email ( Then we're sure to put it into our database.

Meanwhile, you might consider following these instructions to set up WebDAV on your own computer. (Though the data will still be passing through the air unencrypted.)
But the information is in a folder that you have to supply your username/password to access. It's not in the Public folder...
WebDav would be great... except that I (quite by design) only have one laptop... it doesn't have a static ip, and it spends a good deal of it's time behind firewalls that make it inaccessible to the iPhone (which I imagine is a situation many many folks find themselves in).
The fact that the iDisk folder not being public is fine as long as I'm just talking about Actions that have to do with *my* information, because, well... I trust Apple with my data.

But a lot of my Actions have to do with *other* peoples information, many of whom, while they trust me with that information, explicitly do not trust other 3rd parties like Apple (nothing personal against, Apple, it would be the same with most anyone else).

For example, I send all actionable email from to OmniFocus's inbox. Much of that mail is stuff I can't in good conscious send to Apple (or any other 3rd party) for storage unencrypted.

I think you will find that many many many folks are in the same situation.
Wouldn't your own private WebDAV server on your laptop do the trick? You only turn it on when you're going to sync, use an encrypted network between laptop and iPhone (I assume here that the iPhone can join a computer-to-computer network) and it seems like you've got the equivalent of a wired sync, no? What you propose would be good, of course, but this is something you can do right now, without having to wait for it to bubble to the top of Omni's priority queue. Or do you need to be able to sync when both devices aren't in the same place?
I private WebDav server on my laptop would not do the trick, since the VPN I use (and most corporate provided VPNs) prevent split tunneling.

This means that to sync I would have to:
1) Drop VPN
2) Manually push a sync
3) Restart VPN

Additionally, my laptop rarely has the same IP address much less a DNS name. No, sadly a private WebDav server on my laptop is a HUGELY inconvenient way to sync OmniFocus :(

That's a far cry from the convenience of 'Omnifocus iPhone goes ahead and syncs in the background without having to think about it'.
I'm glad someone brought this up. :-)

Basically, anyone with my iDisk user/password can access my OmniFocus document. The only question is... would someone. And how easy would it be for them to sniff out the user/pass en route to the iDisk. I imagine the user/pass is not encrypted on the way to the iDisk. But don't know for sure.

I was so excited with the creative use of the iDisk that I was thinking, screw it all, who is going to take the time to seek out my user/pass and try to get into my OmniFocus where I have a great deal of things planned out. :-o I also don't work in an organization where information privacy is a requirement by law.
Couple thoughts about possible solutions:

The main reason I use the iPhone application is for errands, calls, flagged items and possibly agendas. If I could mark specific contexts and flagged items to be synced, this would allay my security issues.

I see a preference in OmniFocus to sync to disk. Is there a way for the iPhone application to be synced to the OmniFocus file locally?
Originally Posted by SpiralOcean View Post
I imagine the user/pass is not encrypted on the way to the iDisk.
Just to clarify, because a customer mentioned it in a support email: OmniFocus does encrypt your user name and password when communicating with your sync server. All our sync traffic is done via secure HTTP; it's the same system that's used when you log into your bank or make a purchase through iTunes.

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