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OF 1.7.5 reverts to 10 days ago Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I run OmniFocus 1.7.5 under Mac OS 10.6.2.

I also run OmniFocus 1.5.3 (v77.42.0.118708) on my iPhone. I synch my database with MobileMe.

I'm also a newbie - have been using OF for about two weeks.

Today, on my Mac, after I focused on a Project and then went back to a general view, all my action items reverted to their status of about a week or ten days ago. I had not used the iPhone during this time. When I checked on the iPhone, the same thing had happened.

This was a bit alarming. I had hoped to rely on OmniFocus to keep me abreast of what I had to do. If it's suddenly going to revert like this, it means I can't have any confidence that what it's telling me I have to do is correct.

Is there any way to restore my data back to today?

Is there a local copy of the database that I could restore using Time Machine and then replace the one on Mobile Me?

Has anyone else had this problem?
That's a bizarre change. I've been using OF since the earliest beta releases and can only recall one time when I had to revert to a backup. IIRC that was due to an error on my part.

That said, OF makes backups of your data on at least a daily basis. From within OF, choose File → Revert to Database Backupů. That should show you a list of all your backups, typically sorted oldest to newest. Pick the newest one that has the correct information and you should be good to go.

Note that after reverting, when you first sync the Mac you'll probably be prompted that the databases on Mac and MobileMe aren't compatible. Choose to use the Mac one, since it has the restored information. Then, when you try to sync the iPhone, you'll get a similar prompt. This time, choose the MobileMe database, since it should now have the restored information that it received from your Mac.

And don't hesitate to contact the support ninjas (Help → Send Feedback). They're the best in the business. Top notch support is part of the tremendous value provided by Omni applications.

Good luck!



Thanks, Curt. This gets more and more interesting and bizarre.

I did as you suggested and reverted to a back-up from the day before yesterday - but the result is the same: a whole bunch of actions which had been completed, modified or rescheduled have reappeared in their original form, plus a whole bunch of new actions added in the last few days have disappeared.

I've manually restored the status of the actions etc and have set the prefs to backup more frequently.

Support suggested I may have had iDisk synch turned on and that this may have caused the problem, but I didn't have it on.

Curiouser and curiouser ... but thanks for the great help.
The only other thing I can think of is that you might be getting duplicate items. This can happen if you accidentally hit Cmd-D, the duplicate hotkey. Another way of getting inadvertent duplicates is to mark an action or project as repeating. OF automatically duplicates a repeating item when you check it off.

It may also be worth taking a look at Perspectives → Show All, just to be sure that the items you think have disappeared aren't really just being hidden by your view settings.




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