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Is it possible to create a project in OmniPlan and then export the tasks to OmniFocus?
Yes. Export to OmniOutliner 3 format. Then choose "Import" in the OmniFocus File menu. This works even if you don't own OmniOutliner.

This is a one-way transfer. You can't push the data back to OmniPlan easily. We're hoping to create a better integration between these two applications in a future version of each.
It's also worth noting that duration information doesn't transfer very well. If you have a task listed as 8 hours in OP, when it transfers over it will get a start time/date of whatever it was in the OP document, a due time/date of start time/date + 8h, and a duration of 8 minutes :-)

This is with the latest OmniPlan (OmniPlan/1.6/1.6-beta2-v143.10) and OmniFocus v77.9.0.103621. I reported the bug back in mid-June, but it clearly hasn't been fixed.
Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
Yes. Export to OmniOutliner 3 format. Then choose "Import" in the OmniFocus File menu. This works even if you don't own OmniOutliner.

This is a one-way transfer. You can't push the data back to OmniPlan easily. We're hoping to create a better integration between these two applications in a future version of each.
This worked well. The one-way transfer is OK for now. I noticed that contexts and projects were not transferred with the tasks. Can these data points be added in OmniPlan or do they have to be edited in OmniOutliner before importing to OmniFocus?
If you added a custom data column in OmniPlan, it should transfer all the way through.
I have to say that since I purchased OmniFocus for my Mac Pro and iPhone and have been reading David Allen's book, I've been perusing the OmniPlan (I'm a graphic designer and am back in school to finish my degree at the ripe age of 50, so I have lots o'projects) and wondering if I could integrate the two programs. This is cool, and has me saving up to get OmniPlan.

It would be nice to have a way to just sync OF with OP with some predetermined parameters, just like I sync my OF to my iPhone (which totally rocks, BTW). I wouldn't need OP on my iPhone, just my tasks, but it would be nice to create more of a Suite effect, since project management and task management are so intrinsically linked. Heck, your OmniFocus is very nearly a project management program in itself.

I initially thought OF was overpriced, but not anymore, I'll tell you that.
I am in the same boat! (40 yr. old Industrial Designer back to school for an dMBA - LOL!)

I REALLY appreciate the functionality of the OF "Clipping" feature to create/drop actions quickly into my inbox. So, that is where my data COMES IN. But then I want to organize, prioritize and visualize these actions in CONTEXT to my study/work schedule using OP. I cannot figure out how to do this!!! One way from OP to OF via OO3 file is OK, but since OP does not support "Clipping", OP is not the most efficient means to get "actions" into this otherwise amazing software...
I've been reading this thread with great interest. I'm excited about the prospect of OmniPlan and OmniFocus having a tightly-integrated future and have been since the first alpha of OmniFocus was revealed. It seems obvious that they are a perfect dovetail for project management and project execution. However, I think the real tour-de-force will not merely be a discreet program (OmniPlan) allowing a single user to create tasks for others to action (OmniFocus), although this will be a handy thing, but an entirely integrated, networked system of the two, published to a central server and synchronised in realtime (Like a FileMaker Pro database). This would provide broad visibility of project status to multiple parties including realtime advice of task completion and resource allocation/usage - all live!

In short, it could pretty much immediately become the operational tool of choice for small-medium collaborative working environments (which is an enormous percentage of the commercial marketplace).

OmniWork anyone?

(A five-user license would make a nice bundle with MacOS X Server...)

The key would be in the two-way feed of data; allowing the client to push info back to the server so it wasn't merely a one-way stream. The potential for productivity (and continuous feature enhancements) is almost limitless. Imagine if the projects were to be published online and could be accessed by anyone from a standard browser (and reports could be extracted and job lists downloaded even by those without the client apps).

Imagine if the whole system were in fact web-based (like many open-source project management systems). Although this is less desirable for a number of reasons, it would at least be platform agnostic and not require any software download.

In fact, long term, this "OmniWork" solution would be an ideal candidate to be Googlized and become a 'software as a service' app. But I digress, again...

First step will be nice; having the two programs seamlessly integrated, with compatible data and intelligent hooks.

Then to develop them into a collaborative, realtime, hosted groupware platform will solve half the management and efficiency problems of business teams everywhere.

Then, who knows, Mr Omni?
While GTD is great for personal productivity, I'm not sure it's the best tool for managing complex situations where multiple people need to work together to produce deliverables that have dependencies on each other in pursuit of a common goal (i.e., a traditional "project").

In my situation I am sheparding the process of selecting an enterprise application for a major department in the Federal government. I used to use MS Project for this, but have now shifted to OP.

As I use OF for my personal tasks, I'd like a way of syncing the two.


Is this the best way to get my personal tasks from OP to OF currently?
  1. Export plan from OP in OO3 format
  2. Choose Import and select OO3 file in OF
  3. Map "assigned to" to Context, and finish the import
  4. In Inbox, assign the whole set of tasks to a project
  5. In context mode, delete all tasks that are not in the context with my name on it

Seems rather cumbersome, but I don't see a way to simply export MY tasks from OP.

Enhancement requests:

1. Have a simpler way to export a set of tasks in OP, not simply everything.
2. Obviously, have a direct one-way export from OP to OF format
3. Allow task status information to be sent back from OF to OP

Unlike several of the folks here, I would regard the project plan as canonical, and an individual's tasks related to that project should flow from the project, not vice versa. I think that the OF to OP request is unique to folks who are doing their own projects, rather than (as in traditional project management) coordinating and tracking multiple resources.

Thus, the "limited two-way" sync I'd like to see would enable the user to send back to OP the following:

1. Task status (complete, in progress, not started)
2. Percent complete
3. Effort applied
4. Date complete

In other words, to send back the things one would normally need to input from each individual team member to assess slippage in dates and effort.

I know the enhancement requests will be for a future version, but I'd like to know whether the work around I'm creating is the best way to get my OP tasks into OF for a given project.

Thanks, and thanks for some great products!!!
I use the " clip-o-tron " utility to clip tasks from OP to OF .
Granted , you have to do them one at a time including child tasks because if you don't , the child tasks go into the note of the parent task in omni focus .

Hopefully we'll see accelerated development of OP, it's fallen Behind Merlin2 in features [combine projects and Ical Sync ] . Omni Plan is still the easiest to use and that's why I continue to use it . If Merlin simplified their interface just a little .. I'd make the jump .

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