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In Omni Focus on my mac it is possible to nest projects in as far as create sub projects with in a larger one. simply achieved by dragging and dropping an action onto its parent.

Is this possible on the iPhone app? I've browsed the manual but can't find a solution.

Yep! Tap an action, then select the Move button in the toolbar of the detail screen. It looks like a folder with an arrow pointing down.

It's not drag and drop, though. One thing about the iPhone different than the Mac is that you are touching the screen. Your finger is the cursor, and it's much bigger than the one on the Mac. It can be hard to drop a thing on another thing if your finger is on top of both. :-)

That said, drag and drop on is one of the things we're thinking about as we work on our remaining iPad projects - once we have a solution we're happy with on the iPad, maybe we can figure out how to get it on the phone, too. :-)
Yes, there are multiple steps involved that takes longer to explain than to do, but here is the process.

1) When viewing a list with the project that you want to make an action group of another project, click 'Edit' and select the project that you want contained in another project.

2) From the edit screen, click the 'Move' icon (far right in the toolbar).

3) From the move screen, click on "Make this project into an action" and then click on 'Project' to select the target project for the action group.

Edited to add: Looks like Brian beat me to the reply, but I believe his steps are to create an action group within that project. My steps are to change an existing project (with tasks) into an action group contained in another project. I may have misinterpreted what you are wanting to do, so disregard if that is the case.

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Nice work thank you. I think the drag and drop might be more errorsome.
Is is possible to nest an project into a project on iphone or not? How? pls answer. Thanks
Originally Posted by se6y117 View Post
Is is possible to nest an project into a project on iphone or not? How? pls answer. Thanks
Yes. Read Greg's post in this thread, he tells you exactly what to do. A project nested inside another project is called an action group.
it works !! Thanks!
Is it possible to create directly new project into an existing project? Thanks!
You're not really creating a project inside another project, but rather an action group, which is like a project in many ways, but cannot be put on hold, reviewed, or referenced in the drop-down project selectors.

To add an action group to an existing project, just create two or more actions. Then tap on an action you want to nest inside the other action, tap the file folder button at the bottom right, then tap the name of the item into which you wish to nest it.

Now that you've got some experience with the program, it's probably worth going back and re-reading the documentation. There are a number of areas like this which are much easier to grasp once you've got a feeling for how the program operates.

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