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The fact that you make your users even read the word WebDAV is a usability failure. Seriously. I love the app, but now I get to spend the next N hours hacking together something I know nothing about? Yikes.

How about a partnership with an online storage provider besides MobileMe? Standalone server built into the desktop app? Something.

I understand that there is a (ridiculous) limitation on syncing via itunes cable-sync, but there's no way most people are going to get that. Prepare for a flood of "webdavsaywtf???" posts.

Sorry this is not a constructive or original post. Just feeling miffed at all the exciting reading I'm about to do.
I keep on reading everywhere that WebDAV is super easy... I'm a web dev so I thought it would take me an hour max to figure it out, but I setup webdav locally via MAMP, on my server via cPanel, and on another server I got via virtualmin and I can use all of them via Finder and Transmit (FTP/WebDAV client) but they won't work with OF...

I'm sort of stubborn so I keep on trying other things thinking "5 more minutes, 5 more minutes!" but I got to get some actual things done at some point ;)

No easy synch option besides mobileme is a stinker... although I understand omni should not take 100% of the blame, I hope it gets easier fast
Ja...been saying this elsewhere on the forums...I'm totally ready to rock OF - except for getting web dav going on my box. Command line makes me itch and I actually have a LOT of T to G D!

At least my sense of humor is coming back a little...
Won't someone please write a script or post a clear set of instructions on how to activate Web Dav and sync with OF in 10.5.4?

Pretty pretty please?
Here's someone who's put together a step-by-step guide to setting up WebDAV on your desktop.

I'm the guy who wrote up those instructions. If, despite them, your WebDAV setup isn't working with OmniFocus, try these two things (both mentioned in the instructions).

1. Make sure the authentication mode is Basic, not Digest.
2. Test your server using litmus ( and confirm that there are no errors. There will be 2 warnings, and those don't affect OmniFocus.

Lizard, thanks for telling folks about the instructions! :) Hope they find it useful.

I'd like to add a small comment though: these instructions are not only for syncing within your own local network. If people already have external access to their machines, their WebDAV server will be publicly accessible. I've also linked to an article that talks about dynamic DNS for those inclined to try that path.

Feel free to leave comments on my blog post or in these forums, and I'll try to help.

All the best getting things done,
I followed those instructions and they are terrific. I've got sync working through a box at home that's dyndns'ed. Thanks for writing it up. As of last night the link to them is buried in the forum FAQ. Seems like this should be a stickied post on its own.

Evernote has a really nice approach to the sync issue. Their desktop app syncs with the Evernote online service. Now, the new Evernote iphone app (which is free) syncs with that same service. I don't think OG would have to build an online version of OF--simply provide a service that stores and serves up user data. Both the desktop client and the iphone client are wired to talk to this background web service. Again, the whole point is that I--the user--don't want to know about this crap. Just make it work.
I believe that's probably what the problem is:

"In my tests, OmniFocus was not able to communicate with the server with the Digest authentication scheme."

It would be absolutely terrific if omni could look into that... because I don't think changing the authentication scheme is available on most online solutions...

I for one feel the opposite as most people it seems... I'd much prefer have all my stuff stored in the cloud than on my home computer...

Also, another problem with OF handling of webDAV is that if you try to use SSL and the certificate is "not valid" OF doesn't give you an option to say "yes, I want to use it anyway" it just throws a "bad certificate" error at you.

Wow. Today has been a disappointing day. First the iPhone server overload, now this. This is the first time I've felt disappointed with OMNI.

I was psyched to get going with OF for the iPhone. I figured if the configurations weren't very easy to put together at least it could sink wired like an iPod. The wireless sych isn't actually all that important to me since I'm on my laptop.
Michael: we're very sorry. There just isn't any access to the wired synch process for third-party applications. It's iTunes-only.

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