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Sharing or sending a project to another OF user Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I need to delegate all of my tasks to a colleague. Is they a simple way for me to export them into his Omnifocus without affecting his tasks?

Hi learned all,

My colleague is off to South Africa to see the World Cup (Soccor/Football), and wants to delegate a project and all it's tasks to another OF user in the Company. There has been discussion that I have found in '07 but no resolution. We need to send one project, not all his personal projects and other work stuff. The export options are for your entire OF, not part thereof.

Is there an export script or work around that we enable us to do this? Thanks.
Jamie, the feature request is open in our development database, but it's got a fairly small number of customer votes attached to it. (There are other changes that folks have told us they they need more than this one, in other words.)

If folks would like to see this added to the application, please email the support ninjas and let them know that.

In the meantime, this can be accomplished, though I'll admit the process for doing so could certainly be improved. :-)
  1. Quit OmniFocus
  2. Open <your home folder>/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus in the Finder
  3. Select the "OmniFocus.ofocus" (or possibly just "OmniFocus" file.
  4. Select File -> Duplicate from the menu bar.
  5. Double-click the "OmniFocus Copy.ofocus" item that is created.
  6. Select Perspectives -> All Items from OmniFocus' menu bar.
  7. In the "OmniFocus Copy" window, delete everything but the items you want to send to the coworker.
  8. Quit OmniFocus, zip up "OmniFocus Copy" and send it off to the coworker.

They can double-click the item to open it, copy the items into their database, then close the window and delete the file you sent.

Does that help?
Dessmal, combining your thread with Jamie's, though you may be able to just zip up your database and send it off to the coworker.

They can open it with a double-click and copy items over as needed, though the simpler method will also send them any completed items in your database as well as the active ones.

If that's not desirable for any reason, you can use a slightly simpler method. Use the "All Items" perspective to show everything in your database, delete the items you don't want to send along, then quit OmniFocus. You can now zip up and mail off the remaining items.
Thanks, a work around, but at least a 'working' work around.
I tend to export projects in the easily-emailed Taskpaper format for this purpose.

File > Export > Plain text (TaskPaper)

(Unfortunately this exports all projects, but a cut and paste extract is simple enough)

On the other person's machine, dragging a text file in this format onto this applet will import the project(s) into their OF database.


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Originally Posted by Brian View Post
[*]Quit OmniFocus
I found a method that seems pretty workable -- any problem with this?:

File > Export > as an OmniFocus Document, naming it "blank OmniFocus.ofocus".

Ensure nothing is filtered in the "blank" document.

Select and delete all Projects, SALs, and Folders.

Close that window. Now you have a blank template.

Duplicate it, and give it a name for the Project I want to share.

Drag that file to the OmniFocus icon on the Dock to open it.

Drag the project icon of the single project file into the Library of my main OF file.

Granted, it isn't a lot simpler than what you wrote, but feels like an OK workflow. Seem OK? thanks


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