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Unable to remove the favorites bar and set size and position at launch. Need help. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Newbie here. I've newly discovered Omniweb and I'm enjoying it. Two questions:

1. How do you permanently remove the "favorites bar"? I go to view-toolbars-uncheck favorites bar and it's gone. But when I re-launch the browser, there it is.

I noticed that when I close the browser (click the red dot) and open a new browser it remains removed. It's only when I completely close the browser and re-open it the favorites bar reappears. The browser doesn't remember I had it removed.

2. The same with size and position. Every time I relaunch the browser, I have to move the browser slightly to the right and drag the lower right corner to enlarge it a bit. I have "save window size checked".
When I close the browser completely and relaunch, window position is not remembered.

Is there any way to remedy these two issues?
If you just turn off the favorites bar, quit the application, and relaunch, it still comes back with the favorites bar? That's pretty any other preferences you change also fail to stick?

Quit OmniWeb (use OmniWeb->Quit OmniWeb, closing all the windows is not sufficient)
Launch the Terminal application
Type the following line, followed by the return key:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniWeb5 BrowserFavoritesVisible false
That will change the preferences file to indicate you don't want the favorites bar showing. If it still shows up after doing that, either you did it wrong, or something is messed up on your system. I'd try creating a new user and see if the behavior persists there in that case.

I check the "auto-save while browsing" box at the bottom of the Workspaces window for my default workspace and OmniWeb always puts my windows back the way they were when I quit.
Thanks for the tips. The auto save while browsing worked as far as the positioning of the window--thanks again!

I did notice that when I restart Omniweb that it opens the last page I was viewing when I closed the browser--is that normal?
It sounds like your default workspace has ended up with a snapshot (a saved set of windows that you want to return to in the future) saved into it. That would supercede your general preference setting for what page you want new windows to point at.

The way to test this theory would be to start the browser up, then open the "Workspaces" window. If the selected item in the list on the left of the window that appears has a small camera icon associated with it, you've got a snapshot. What you'll want to do is either delete that workspace, or set up the browser window(s) as you'd like them to appear when you start up the browser and take a new snapshot with the camera button at the bottom of the window.

Does that help?
Originally Posted by Mulderscully View Post
I did notice that when I restart Omniweb that it opens the last page I was viewing when I closed the browser--is that normal?
The auto-save checkbox in the workspaces window is what's causing this; it saves the arrangements of the windows, what pages they're pointing at, the whole shebang.

It can be a nice feature, but if you don't want it to do that, give my suggestions a try and then un-check that box. When you restart OmniWeb at that point, it should behave similarly to other browsers.
Yes, my default workspace had a camera icon next to it. I created a new workspace and that opens with my start page.
I then deleted the one with the camera icon next to it.

I unchecked auto-save while browsing and the window opens fine.

The problem on another post I had also seems to be solved. Omniweb no longer opens with two tabs (the Omniweb start page and the Omniweb products page). It now opens with my start page.

Thanks for the reply and happy new year!

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