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stupid OF/iPhone questions, I fear Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I am a happy user of OF, and a brand-new iPhone user. Here's my first dumb question:

do I also need to buy OF for iPhone separately in order to sync between desktop and iPhone?

also, I have downloaded the latest sneakypeek version of OF 1.1. to my desktop, since I know I need that to sync. I can open it from the disk image, but I can't replace the older version in my Applications folder, because when I try I get an error message saying "OmniMailMessageServiceEnabler" is in use.

Is it a problem that I'm running OS 10.4.11?
Yes, you'll need to buy a copy of OmniFocus for iPhone from the App store in iTunes or on the iPhone. That's all I know about this part, as I don't have an iPhone :)

To get rid of the error message, just quit the Mail program and try again.

10.4.11 works fine with OmniFocus, though 10.5 has some nice enhancements to the package.
thank you: the Mail thing worked perfectly, and I now have the latest sneakypeek OF installed on the desktop. Next glitch: it claims to be syncing to my iDisk, but I can't find it on the iDisk anywhere.
Ah, you probably have MobileMe iDisk syncing turned on in your system preferences. OmniFocus talks directly to the MobileMe servers, whereas the rest of your computer (Finder and various apps) will write to a big disk image that is synced with the MobileMe servers on an hourly basis if you have that feature turned on. Unless you really, truly need it turned on, I would suggest you turn it off because there have been multiple reports of people having sync problems as long as it is on and vanishing once it is off. You would not see anything appear on your iDisk after OmniFocus did its initial sync until a MobileMe iDisk sync takes place, though the data would be there on the MobileMe servers and your iPhone or other OmniFocus desktop would be able to sync to it even though you can't see it yet in the Finder.

Another possibility is that you just aren't looking in the right place on your iDisk (the Documents folder) but I think the former is the likely explanation. I'm not aware of any reports where OmniFocus claims that it has synced with MobileMe and yet no data is actually written and no error message returned. You would see an "!" in the middle of your sync button or a little "i" in a circle in the Sync preferences panel if an error had occurred, and clicking on the little "i" in a circle would report the error again.
In this case, I'm afraid the stupider explanation is the correct one: I didn't have iDisk syncing turned on because I discovered a long time ago that it was eating up hard disk space at an alarming rate. I just wasn't looking in the right place. It was right there in the Documents folder. Thanks once again for the tip!

You know, I used to think of myself as a smart person :(
All fixed, properly synced--iPhone and all--and much happier :D
Thanks for the help!

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