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Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
It was never state of the art!

...fair comment ref the size of the database etc etc. Other companies have managed it, but perhaps their user base is less or their data stricture is simpler or some other reason.

I want to use OF for my iPad and iPhone, but am not sure I am willing to pay for OF for Mac just to get this functionality...
Yeah, I'm not trying to suggest it is an unreasonable thing to want, just that it isn't quite as trivial as it might seem at first blush. I am pretty sure that I've seen Omni say that is a feature they would like to be able to offer. Most of their efforts are prioritized by perceived customer interest, so send in that feedback with the Contact Omni command...
Mailing an action directly into your database requires that either you have a machine running all the time to handle incoming mail, or you have a copy of your database on an Omni server, and they have a machine running all the time. The latter means that they need to effectively run a subset of OmniFocus for thousands of clients, and it is possible that they haven't figured out an efficient, robust manner to do so. Also requires setting up some infrastructure to give everyone their own private email address to which they can mail their actions. Certainly nothing impossible, but something you want done right so that it can be trusted.

I don't see as bad as all that.

I see this as feature of Omnisync where it acts as a "catcher" for tasks sent via email and orchestrates them into you DB on the next synch. No need to host the entire DB for a customer, just those items coming into their "omnisystem" from outside the supported technologies that are as of yet not synched.

The brilliant way to do it would be to provide an xml API that way scripts and mods could send to it from almost anything... but I digress....

NirvanaHQ looks great and I almost selected it over Omnifocus until I tried to use it on my ipad. Blech.

I am a new user and so far love the software. One recommendation that I had was the ability to take the notes via voice while I am on the road and get them in to omni focus.

I use android for my phone and have been using the voice features of "Voice Note" program to email the voice note converted to text on the fly while I am driving. I am sure Siri can accomplish something similar. This is a nice way to take the notes as the ideas come to you while you are on the drive somewhere without the ability to jot down the note. Somehow a lot of things come to me not when I am brain storming but when I am driving.

Here is the program that I use which is voice note
Voice note
About a year ago I was traveling without my Mac and tried to use send-to-omnifocus ... but quickly stopped. Why?

I was hoping it was a way to quickly add stuff to OF, in other words I was hoping to be able to, for example, when using safari/instapaper/reeder/Zite/etc to quickly make a task in OF without having to leave the current application. Unfortunately it turns out that I have to read my email and go through the returned emails one-by-one switching between Mail and OF to create the actions. I admit that it works and it's a clever way of working around iOS restrictions but ... it's too many steps.

So I've been waiting for an updated version of this functionality that would directly add the emails to my OF database on OmniGroups sync server. This way I would get "Add to OF"-functionality in most iOS apps.

Have I missed something and this functionality is already available somehow? If not, are there any plans to add this?
jem, this is something we're working on. No ETA yet, but it's something we're testing internally.
Great, I'm looking forward to it.
This is great. It works fine with my GMail and with Notes traveller on my iPad

I had both the iPhone app and the iPad app installed on my original iPad and when i clicked the "Send to OmniFocus" link in the returned email, my iPhone app would be opened. I then uninstalled the iPhone app and now when i click the "Send to OmniFocus" link, nothing happens.

Is this a known issue? How can it be corrected?
GlennW, I believe rebooting the iPad will cause it to notice that the iPhone app is no longer installed and it should now send those items to the iPad one.

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