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I think a lot of people would love to see a nice looking UI like in Things - it is pretty cute and useful and would be 'wow' with the power of OF in background :D
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
RiK, thank you for defending us, but it would be a huge favor if you could refrain from doing so by resorting to ad hominem attacks. I do agree that Doodiebrad's tone wasn't particularly mature, but I'm hoping that we can reduce that kind of thing over time by setting a good example.
Yes of course, sorry about that, bit of a knee-jerk reaction to a post that I though was totally out of order.

I'm both a former s/w developer myself and a big Omni fan. I'm also very firmly in the camp of trusting you guys to do a great job, and I'm happy to wait as long as it takes to get the best app.
Originally Posted by BwanaZulia View Post
Honestly, I have been buying OmniGroup software since 2002 (January 28th, 2002 - OmniGraffle & OmniWeb if you must know $89.90) and they have NEVER put out a unusable or ugly application.

The have always been well designed, trending towards function over form, simplicity and usability instead of eye candy (Maybe Sparkle?).

To that end, for over 8.5 years, I trust OmniGroup, its leadership and their software development skills.

Sitting in a plane with people starting to ask about professional usability
Of the iPad, OmniGraffle is making the deal for all of them.
Keep on riding..
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
The UI work there was very rough and early.
I was not aware of this. I thought the whole "4 second video" was being presented as a beta or even gm product. You guys said it would launch in June 2010, and it is now July 3, so i think that was a safe assumption to make.

Going forward, I highly advise not releasing anything to the public that isn't polished from a graphic design perspective. In this age of iOS, the public not only demands functionality but a slick UI for their $20 or $40 or whatever.

If i worked at Omnifocus, i would quickly release a still mockup of what the finished product might look like. We don't care so much about videos, we know how the iPad works. We want to see nice mockup, with graphics, and icons, not some 4 second mess of a video (no offense, but that video was a mess).

Well, I'll reserve judgement, and give you guys the benefit of the doubt, because i love your iPhone and iMac versions.

Last edited by Brian; 2010-07-03 at 10:43 PM.. Reason: Add missing close-quote tag

Mockup! Mockup! Mockup! Mockup!
(sorry for being impatient)
I'm sure that a lot of people will leave Things (because of their slow development and the missing cloudsync), if the new UI is 'sexy' like the one of Things ;)
I want it to be "beautiful", too (actually, I don't have that much of a problem with the current UI). More importantly, in terms of function, I want it to be the best it can possibly be. All that still doesn't keep me from wanting to "pester".....and ask "When?....approximately when?" Please, please, please!.....even the tiniest of 'hints' will do for me! I'll even take a 'vague' answer ( although not quite as vague as Ken's last post on the blog- ;) ). Maybe you can't do that....but it doesn't keep me from wishing!! Sorry to bother so...but...this IS the age of "instant gratification"....and I fall victim to that much more than I like to say.:o

Last edited by MissKaren; 2010-07-03 at 11:34 AM..
Sure, the functions are more important :D

And I think it will be in 1,5-2 weeks in the AppStore ;)
All this talk about things for iPad looking good. I can say because I own the crappy app. That is all it has going for it. You can't even make a recurring to do in the damn thing. A pretty UI does not make a useful app. I found this out the hard way by going with Things for the Mac, iPhone, iPad. Then listening to David Sparks on Mac Power Users talk about Omnifocus and realizing it was exactly what I needed.
I have Things on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I also have OmniFocus on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Having the opportunity to use all of them I prefer to use OF hands down for the functionality.

As for the UI - I like the looks of OF on my Mac the most. I don't know why everyone says the Things looks so great, just doesn't do it for me.

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