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YOUR GUESS: How much it will cost vs. how much it should cost? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
My guess:
Omnifocus for iPad...

1) WILL COST: $39.99
2) SHOULD COST: $19.99

I'm wondering what others think, take your best shot!
Originally Posted by doodiebrad View Post
My guess:
Omnifocus for iPad...

1) WILL COST: $39.99
2) SHOULD COST: $19.99

I'm wondering what others think, take your best shot!
This product is helping me so much (boosting my performance) the price is neglectable (in these price ranges). I guess it'll be about $50 but would happily pay a lot more than that.
To second Leif, if I were to compensate the OmniGroup fairly for the return I get on both OmniFocus for Mac and OmniFocus for iPhone, I'd probably have to set up a small escrow account and send in a yearly user fee.

There are very few applications out there (apps or otherwise) that will provide a better return on your investment.

$50 sounds like a bargain.

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I'm expecting $40 but I'd pay $50. I paid that for OG, which I don't use nearly as much as I use OF.
OF is an absolutely integral part of my workflow and as a result the savings / income I've made as a direct result of using it outweigh the cost by a huge factor.

I'm happy to pay whatever Omni feel they need to charge for it to continue making the best quality S/W they can.
I would like it to be around $20, but knowing OmniGroup and their pricing (OmniGraffle), it is going to be half of the desktop version ($80) so $40.

OF iPhone: $20
OF iPad: $40
OF OSX: $80

If so that will put my total investment in OmniFocus at $140 which might seem like a lot, but not when compared to other POS software I buy and barely use (Office, Adobe Photoshop) isn't so bad.

That being said, OmniFocus 2 is probably 6 months away so I will be upping the anti at that point.

As to where I want to see the price, I think it should be $24.95. That is up from the iPhone (more functionality, etc) but not as high as OmniGraffle.

OmniGroup should just start the price at $0 and raise it $.25 every time someone complains about how long it is taking to release it.

Should be £75
Will be £35
Thinking if it were an app of mine, I'd be charging around $20.
$25 feels like the right answer for what should be the charge.
Thus, I predict it'll be $40. :confused:
Originally Posted by emory View Post
This thread is terrible. Gt a blg.
As he adds to it... ;-)

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Like many of the other posters here, the price is negligible and I will pay whatever they think is fair to compensate for their hard work. I'm in the middle of a $9,000 training program and OmniFocus is helping me stay organized and focused. An extra $100 for an ipad app is a small price to pay for the added potential it adds to all areas of my life.

That being said I would guess it would cost $40 or $50 due to the app culture and people not seeing value past $20.

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