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I know everyone likes a lot forecast view, but to show something there, it must have a due date.
Now, myself and I guess a lot of other (maybe not?) try to avoid due dates, and uses deferred to hide the clutter.
With the new design, the forecast view is overemphasized, making any other workflow much more cumbersome.
My "Today" perspective for instance, is at the bottom of everything (and by everything I mean a lot of not frequently used views like projects/contexts etc.).

I appreciate the new design, and understand that it can't please everyone, but don't you think the emphasis on the forecast view made the app much less flexible (since you must define a due date)?
Maybe, adding an option to show on forecast both due and flagged tasks would minimize this... I don't know, just throwing in my opinion. :)
I'd like forecast view to work with either Defer Until dates or Due Dates. This could be selected in settings to the users preference. Personally I'd rather be using Defer Until dates than Due Dates, and agree that the forecast has forced me to keep adding due dates to all my actions.

In my mind if I set something to be deferred until Thursday then I want to see it appear in the forecast for Thursday regardless of the due date.
Unless I am missing something, you can showed deferred items. From the Forecast view, pull down to show the Sync, View, and Search bar. Tap the eyeball (view) and select Deferred Items.
I would absolutely LOVE the option to have available flagged tasks included on the current day in Forecast view.

This would allow me to eliminate the use of my own custom "Today" view.

I would assume that many of us flag actions that we hope to accomplish that day.
Originally Posted by chrisrkline View Post
Unless I am missing something, you can showed deferred items. From the Forecast view, pull down to show the Sync, View, and Search bar. Tap the eyeball (view) and select Deferred Items.
Thanks for that. My system has become so reliant on having due dates set that I hadn't tried it without. I'll check it out now cheers :)
Well I've just gone through my entire library and removed all the due dates and set Defer Until dates to give it a try. It doesn't work the way I would want, in fact its a pretty boring way of working and I would miss lots of actions due to it being completely drab and boring and not as visual as when using due dates.

I'd need the "Start" dates to work as Due dates do now, which sort of defeats the use of them as a a defer until. Defer removes them from view as they are tasks you can't accomplish yet. However in forecast I would want actually them jumping on my radar before this point. At this point I'd want the action highlighting in colour in the forecast view, because its available in the next 3 days. Actions which have gone past their start date would then need to be colour coded in some other way, but maybe not in red as they aren't technically overdue until they pass a Due Date.

Start within the next x days = GREEN
past start date but not Due = ORANGE
past Due = RED

In forecast I would want all previously deferred tasks which have now passed their start dates to be showing under TODAY, highlighted in GREEN to indicate actions to start today and ORANGE for ones I should already be working on. RED would show me my overdues and therefore higher priority tasks.

Tomorrow all the previously available uncompleted actions would move to tomorrows tab in the forecast, coloured orange, unless they had become overdue by going past a DUE date. Items newly available i.e. those which only become available tomorrow would again appear in Green,
Tasks due to start in the following x days would also be showing in green on their start days.

I guess in Project or Context Mode unlike Forecast mode. The Red Amber Green highlights should now only show for available tasks only. Green for start today, amber for ongoing and red for overdue. Unavailable tasks would need to stay greyed out here. Unless a new colour was introduced for starting within a given number of days.
Showing deferred items kind of works, but as stated above, it doesn't attract enough attention, especially if you have some due tasks, since defered goes to the bottom.

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