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I've used OG 4-5 for a lot of things including mind mapping. However, I'm getting more into mind mapping as a way to outline projects and I'm wondering: Is there anyone that uses OG5 or 6 for mind maps and how does it compare to some of the specific mind mapping mac apps like Novamind?

It seems that Omnigroup is avoiding the term "mind map" and refers to "diagrams" although this doesn't mean it doesn't have great potential for mind mapping.

Honestly, OG has such a great UI and is so nice to use an Mac I'd prefer to upgrade to OG6 instead of purchasing a separate MM application. I'm pretty sure I'll still upgrade to OG6 because I use it for other tasks, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any input and/or experience and/or prefers mind mapping/project planning/ brain storming using OG.

Yes, OG can be used for mindmapping. I'm not sure what your specific question is though.

When I do mindmapping (or outlining for that manner) I want to use a tool that is very quick for inputting and for rearranging. At that point in time I don't overly care about look & feel. If I want something that might be very refined I sometimes bring it into OG.

Currently OG is awkward for bringing in mindmap info. But here's the current process: create mindmap, export to OPML, open on OmniOutliner (this is the silly extra stuff), save as OO format, bring into OG.

In general exporting to OPML, then importing that OPML, should be all that is needed for transfer. (I've put in a request that OG add OPML import). OG is okay for quick input of ideas using the outliner mode, but not great.

My favorite mindmapping app (currently) is MindNode Pro. My next favorite is iThoughtsX. MindNode Pro is only $20. BTW, another great outlining tool is Tree outliner ($15) which via quick input can also serve as a mindmap generator indirectly.

Some of the more heavy duty mindmapping apps (including NovaMind if I remember correctly) are too cutesy, and frankly too slow, for me. MindNode Pro (and companion iPad app), iThoughtsX (and companion iPad app iThoughtsHD), are fantastic, lower cost, and better ways to get into mindmapping

Hope this helps a wee bit.
thank for your thoughts. yeah, after messing around I don't think it's really the best for brainstorming and visually laying out actual information. I saw Mind Node but I don't think there's a demo. Maybe I'll just give it a go seeing as it's reasonably priced. thanks.
There's not a "demo" of MindNode Pro but there is a "lite" version. It's free at App store (also maybe free at website). MindNode Pro has extra features (naturally) and I definitely think they are important enought to pay for the full pro version.

Here's a link to a comparison chart (PDF):

Here's the link to their website:
Another free option is X-Mind, with a paid-for Pro version. There’s also FreeMind, but I prefer the X-Mind UI.
As an aside, I would definitely recommend upgrading to OG6. I find it wonderful to work with: even on an MBA 11" (which is definitely pushing things screenwise).

To me one current weakness in OG is the inability to import OPML files. This is really the "standard" for cross-app sharing of outlined information (whether it be a regular outline or a mind map). So if I currently want to bring a mindmap into OG6 (which I think you'd want to do once in awhile to really spiffy things up) I have to export to OPML, import to OmniOutliner, save as OO, then import to OG. This is doable (if you have OO) but unnecessarily cumbersome.

By the way, OPML is a great format that allows a lot of flexibility and transferability in your work. I do expect OG to import OPML at sometime in the future (their folks have already indicated I'm not the first to request this feature).

While there are a lot of mind mapping apps out there, what might be best for you really depends on your specific usage. So if you tell us a bit more about that (if you know yourself) then we might be able to tailor our recommendations a bit more.
Yes I'm with you on that.
I want to upgrade to OG pro 6, for making great looking mind maps.
What I read here is holding me back.

Can OG 6 still make good looking mind maps ?
Yes OG can make very good looking mind maps.

I really depends on what you're after. If you want to create quick mind maps (which is often the case) then I'm not sure OG is the best choice.

If you want to make good looking mind maps, that will be slower to tweak, then OG is great.

For me I'd currently make a mind map in something else as I use mind maps for something like a brainstorming process. Then at a later time, if it's a mindmap I want to give a lot of polish, I'd bring it into OG.

As an aside, you know that you can download a free trial of OG for 30 days (I think that's the time length). Perhaps the simplest thing is to download and take it for a spin run. See if it meets your particular needs.

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