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Why is sorting of actions different between iPad & iPhone? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
When i manually sort items on the iPhone then sync with iPad it doesnt retain this order. Why? Or am i missing something?
In general, what you're looking for should happen - can you give us more details about what you're seeing happen on each device? Which screens are you re-ordering, for example, and what happens when you sync both devices?
The screens im reordering are the project view screen.

An example would be a project called Cycling. I have 6 actions in this project. 4 are under a context which is 'paused'. So only two active actions. On the iPhone they are #1 & #2 in order with the other 4 paused actions below - this is how i want it. When i sync with the iPad one of the two actions is at the bottom of the list and the other stays in place.

None of the 6 actions have dates or notes or flags. So why does it not retain the iPhone sorting?

Update : I just manually changed the sorting on the iPad to how i want it then synced back and forth and everything stays in sync. But - honestly - there is a bug then because has happened alot with other actions and ive just accepted it as ive been using the iPhone more... but this is changing and the iPad version is getting equal usage.


Another example. I have a project called Health. There are 2 actions and 4 folders in this project. The folders have actions and some of those actions have dates.

On the iphone the 2 single actions are the top as i want them and the 4 folders in alpha order below. When i sync with the iPad the second folder drops the bottom and the 2 actions drop to between the new 4th folder and 3rd folder.

Ive synced a few times and they wont budge. And ive tried to manually move them and they automatically slide back down - it wont let me put them at the top on the iPad but it will on the iPhone.....??? and the folder moving to the bottom... why?

Moons, if a lot of things are getting edited on both devices, and then they're being synced up later, you may be running into what I describe in this post.

Specifically, if the same item changes on more than one device (including changes the app makes automatically) between your syncs, whichever change happened last will override the previous ones. We do it this way to keep your sync times as fast as possible. That may explain what you're seeing.

If so, the way to work around this would be to make edits on one device, then sync it before switching to the other one. (And sync the other device before you start working there, so it picks up the most recent data.)

If that doesn't sound like what you're seeing, email the support ninjas and we can investigate. We'll probably need some screenshots, and I assume you don't want to post them on the forums for the world to see. :-)
Ive been busy re-organizing my setup of Omnifocus on the iPad and iPhone - im still reasonably sure that there is a some sort of sorting issue... but i havent got a clear example at the moment. When i do i will screen shot it and send it to the ninjas.

One thing i can clear up is the Actions sliding back down seems like it was me not releasing them in the right spot or too quickly on the iPad - it does seem slightly odd / quirky but they did move before i changed everything.

If i notice this sync issue ill email support.

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