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Workspaces... I Don't Get It. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Brand new OmniWeb test driver here. So far I like what I see, but I totally don't get how to set up a workspace.

I'd like to have 4 tabs open in one window, and have that window sized according to my preference.

So I started OmniWeb, resized my browser window, got all my tabs open the way I wanted them, then selected New Workspace, from the Workspace window.

I gave it a name, and left the "Auto-save while browsing" feature off.

This seemed like the logical way to do it at the time, but obviously it's not the right way. It switched back to the default view.

What to do?

I wondered the same thing. See here
A quick note to add to my previous response - you need to take a snapshot of the Workspace once you have set it up to preserve it for the next time you load the Workspace. This also allows you to restore the Workspace back to the snapshot state if you accidentally close the wrong tab, etc.
That was a pretty complicated procedure, but I got through it. Thanks for the help.

As JKT mentioned in his edit on the other thread, I too hope there will be a way to create workspaces from current layouts in a future release. It would be a lot more intuitive to just get everything laid out the way you want it and take a snapshot.
Originally Posted by Heavy Doody
It would be a lot more intuitive to just get everything laid out the way you want it and take a snapshot.
You can already do this. You are *always* using a workspace. If you don't use the feature, that just means you're always using the default one. So open your tabs, create a new workspace, open the workspace manager, and just drag and drop the tabs from "default" to the workspace you just created. There is likely at least one other way of doing this that involves taking snapshots, but that's off the top of my head.

Hope it helps.
The tabs I believe are actually not dragable. What you drag between workspaces are windows which include whole sets of tabs. This may be a minor point, but for newbies the clarification might be significant. It took me a while to figure out how this works, but now that I understand it is great.
Tom, you're correct; windows are draggable between workspaces, but tabs are not. If I decide that I want a new workspace, that's what I generally do. Make new workspace, drag the windows over, switch over and take a snapshot to preserve it. Needless to say, we have a feature request open for the ability to simplify all of this - I'll add the votes for that feature in this thread to the database.

For a lot of folks, though, the 'set the windows up the way I like them, then take a snapshot' procedure should work. For a "websites to read over breakfast" sort of situation, that's perfect. Just use the default workspace, then hit "restore snapshot" when you sit down to breakfast. ;-)

Edit: me no use words good. me fixy.
One addendum - the "auto-save while browsing" box doesn't affect any snapshots you may have. For my default workspace, I have that checked so I can quit and restart the browser at any time and not lose the pages I have open. I can still use the Restore Snapshot command at any time to roll back to that configuration, as well.
I don't know about other people, but a lot of the time I will open one of my workspaces, then I go through my tabs (say it was my news websites), then I might begin some random browsing without switching to a "default" workspace. Then I might want to save a group of tabs as a new workspace for future reference. Although I see how to do it now, it would seem more intuitive to have a "create new workspace from current setup" function.

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