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Using Omni Sync Server for WebDAV "Sync" Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
So let's see if I'm going to break everything with this method I read about elsewhere on the forums. On my Mac, I use Transmit to create a mountable disk using Omni Sync Server as a WebDAV server. Basically I created a folder called "OmniOutliner" on the root of my Omni Sync Server account. Then I mount that WebDAV as a disk (Finder will do this as well, I just find Transmit easier) which points to

On my Mac, I toss OO3 and OPML files in there. On my iPad I connect to the same volume (using the "OmniOutliner" path I created so as not to confuse things) and import the files to OO iPad. Then Export to WebDAV and do basically the same thing on my Mac again.

What's great is that Omni has built in a Rename or Replace function. As long as you never change the name, you can work right off the WebDAV disk on your Mac, hit save (it will take a bit more time than usual to save) and then simply replace the outline with the same name in OO for iPad.

This seems like it will work swimmingly, but I've got to ask, am I about to break my OmniFocus Sync? Is this an abuse of OSS in some way I don't realize? If so, there are other free WebDAV options, but I love keeping my Omni gear together. Let us know. And phenomenal work on OO iPad!!! Worth the wait!
That should work just fine and will not interfere with OmniFocus.

So, uh, maybe all the Dropbox advocates should try that...
If it were just a matter of getting the file to a server somewhere then dropbox would be a non issue. The fact of the matter is though that dozens of productivity apps do support dropbox so that is a mechanism for transporting files from one place to another. Couple that with the fact that dropbox is also supported by a fantastic iPad/Phone app.
I'll give you that .oo3 files should have an "Open in..." capability in the DropBox app, and I'm guessing that will come in time. Not sure if that's up to Omni or Dropbox to change.

But what are you missing? We don't need to get into a whole thing here, but the reason for wanting Dropbox is that other apps do support it? I don't know of a single app on par with OmniOutliner for iPad (the sentence could end right there) that has Dropbox sync. The only ones that I can think of that do are either text editors or task managers, something OO isn't (though of course you could use it for either of those things).

This WebDAV solution is a bit hacky, sure, but it offers more control and less buginess than what would come from Dropbox Sync. I use DropBox sync-ing text editors all the time and I've run into sync problems with all of them. I would love to see an Omni Sync Server service a la OmniFocus that is seamless, but in the meantime I'm able to solve my workflow problem of editing here and there with WebDAV import/export.

For a long time I've used CarbonFin's Outliner app, which allows for a sync method to their webapp. From a web browser, one can download as Text, OPML, and a few other formats. It offers "sync", but you can't actually work on the outline in other software without downloading a file. The OO system on Day 1 is much much easier, even though CarbonFin can say they have "sync".

I know OO iPad will only get better with time. Today it's at top of the outlining class.
The Dropbox app doesn't support sending off file wrappers to app which is what OmniOutliner files are. We would have to change our file format to make that work and that is beyond the OmniOutline 3 / OO iPad compatibility scope right now.
Well, if you are taking notes that will eventually get turned into an outline and then a paper or article then the seamlessness of bringing an outline into a text editor is precisely what the doctor ordered.

That those text editors support dropbox, well, there is reason enough eh?

Just discovered dropdav so this whole db discussion has been mootenised for me. It works so far and I can now hopefully say goodbye to

Agreed that OO is top of the outlining class but that is kind of what we OO for mac users have already known and hoped for. I'm in the process of moving all my carbonfin outlines to iOO now.

Too bad about that cover flow though, it's already getting crowded and annoying. It's a case of 'cool' getting in the way of usability.

Last edited by HappyCatMachine; 2011-05-12 at 02:04 PM..
Take a look at ThinkNote as a possible competitor. I'm a die hard OOL user but did look at it before OOL came out. It's ALSO a very 1.0 product but it has serious promise.

I'll still be using OOL because I live in the desktop version. Just need integration between the too at day one.
Originally Posted by poritsky View Post

So, uh, maybe all the Dropbox advocates should try that...
So I tried this approach and it works nicely so far. The thing is that with this approach I am not having a copy of the OO files on my local machine. Is there something really elegant I could do? My thought is having some kind of automatic script backup the file locally. If anyone has another thought, I'd love to hear it.

You rule!
I wouldn't have known how to do that, but I had Transmit and Omnisync server, and now I have a way to work between the Mac and iPad without a lot of version management, and a backup a wifi connection away.

Thank you very much for the tip.

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