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I've been doing a lot of work in OmniFocus recently, and I've found its performance reduce dramatically, especially when syncing. The OmniFocus.ofocus bundle is over 20MB with 4779 items in the package. I don't have any attachments in the file, I link to external documents instead.

I recently purged a lot of backups, so the oldest backup I have is from 2nd May and its size is 1.4MB with 255 items in the bundle. By the 5th of May, the file size had ballooned to 3.6MB with 800 items. On the 8th, the file size was 5.2MB with 1206 items. The next backup was on the 12th of May and the file size was 14.4MB with 3378 items.

Most of the work I've been doing is to move projects that I'm not currently able to work on to a Someday/Maybe folder. I've also been setting a lot of start and due dates and setting the "Review Every" value for most of the projects.

I can't believe that within 10 days I've added over 3100 items to OmniFocus. Is there some way to get a count of the items within the application? I've tried to rebuild the database and it's still the same size. I synchronise with a MacBook Pro, MacBook and iPhone. Any ideas on what's happening here?
It sounds like you've been generating a lot of transactions with your setting of dates and reorganizing. OF keeps a transaction log to be able to unwind those transactions when you are syncing, and that can cause the file size to expand quite a bit. Normally regular syncing by all of your devices will cause the database to be compacted as it doesn't need to keep the transaction log prior to an hour or so before the last time all of the devices were in sync.

Have a look at the Show Clients display in the Sync portion of the OF preferences. If one of the clients hasn't been synced for a few days, or there is a client listed that doesn't belong (no longer using, or duplicated), that will keep a timely compaction from happening. Sync all your devices together, do it again an hour later, and you should see quite an improvement.
Ah! You may be onto something there. I've avoided syncing my iPhone for a little while because of the work I've been doing. Thanks, I'll give this a go.
Thanks whpalmer4 that fixed it. The OmniFocus file size has reduced to 350KB now after a couple of syncs on each device. The iPhone states there are 265 projects and 1561 actions. Is it possible to see this information on the Mac?
It is possible, but it isn't as convenient (isn't built-in). I suggest you use Toadling's fine script found here.

You might also use Help->Send Feedback to send a request to Omni to have that functionality on the desktop version.
By the way, the numbers you get from the script probably won't be exactly the same as on the iPhone/iPod as the number for projects on the iPhone is really projects + single action lists (shown separately in the script), and the action count in the script counts projects and action groups whereas the iPhone does not appear to do so. I believe if you have 1 project with 100 actions, that will be reported as 101 actions by the script, and 100 projects with 1 action each would be 200 actions. I think the iPhone would report both cases as 100 actions.

If you want a count of zip files, go to Library/Application Support/OmniFocus and control-click on the OmniFocus.ofocus file to bring up the pop-up menu, then select Show Package Contents.

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