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I've spent months trying to "like" v2 on the iPhone and I just don't. Don't like the design, UI, the clown-car circles...I just can't get past it. It was the one application that kept me on the iPhone, but I realized I wasn't using it much anymore. So, I just deleted it and I'll be headed to Android. It will be interesting to see how well I stay organized using just the Mac. I'm guessing things will work out just fine.

Maybe we'll start dating again in the future. I'll give version 3 a try. But I think Omni Group is headed in the wrong direction on their mobile apps (all of which I have purchased). I've also stopped using the iPad version since the review function works so well in v2 of the Mac. In my opinion, chasing whatever Apple's latest "design vision" is seems misguided. Chasing design awards over the user experience seems misguided.

Just one vote. My vote. I'll be purchasing and using the heck out of OF 2 for Mac when it comes out and I love the new OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner on the Mac. See y'all in the OF2 beta forum.
iOS 7 - Designed for spin doctors, not users.

Sadly with the introduction of iOS 7 we have seen many well crafted and thought our apps go off the road.

GUI changes in line with Apples tragic design that breaks even Apples own guidelines (love to have been a fly on the wall at those Apple meetings).

Apparently it is a step forward to have typefaces you can't read and buttons you have to hunt for. I have found myself going back to using the previous versions of a number of apps after having tried their "improved" iOS 7 versions.

In fairness I find a number of the new features in OF2 for iPhone good but still find myself drawn back to OF1 often.

Given that they can't charge for updates, I feel a lot of developers used iOS 7 as an excuse to introduce "New" apps that they could charge for. In a lot of cases they are still the same apps under the hood.

I would rather pay for major updates of apps that continue down the path of refinement rather than something new each time.

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Your comments resonant. I too have been resolutely un-enthusiastic about installing OF2 on the iPhone. I have not "upgraded" from OF1. I work with a defined layout of custom perspectives on the Home screen, and OF2/iPhone removed my ability to continue doing this. Also, since OF/iPhone is (and will likely remain) cumbersome to use to develop entirely new workflows, and since I often have my desktop (MacBook Pro) or iPad with me anyway, I am using the iPhone version less and less as it is.

I will likely just stay with OF1/iPhone until it no longer works with the desktop version. Then, I may just drop it as well.
I moved to OF for just the opposite reason - I love the interphase.

But in general that is the problem with design work, a lot of it is how the person "likes" things. We blame it on 'good' or 'bad' design but it is all perception.
While I agree with chg2winter that sometimes you can't please everyone, the reality is that iOS7 has seen a lot of simply bad GUi just for the sake of change. Regardless of design there are certain principles regarding font size/shape/colour that should not be abandoned.

Having spent years fine tuning the layout of their apps with feedback from users etc, they have now thrown it all out the window in a matter of months.

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Just one more vote against.

The new version of OF for the iPhone caused me to stop using OF. I had a fantastic system set up with custom perspectives, but the new layout doesn't let my eye differentiate between one group and another. I used the old version for a while, but there were little visual glitches. After Omni said it would never be pursued or updated, I got motivated to use something else. It's been a real disappointment because nothing else is as good. That's the way it goes I guess.

I loved the new OF for the desktop once they went back to the drawing board, but sadly won't get to enjoy it. Too much of my personal workflow depends on the iPhone app, but the new layout on iPhone is a deal breaker.

Last comment -
Everyone who comments here is very rational and insightful, and usually provides great feedback about not just workflows, but the power of visual presentation. I like coming back and seeing what everyone else thinks about things.

Just occurred to me - the discussion group here is more compelling than the iPhone app! No worries - the disappointment I feel for the abandoned OF app is forgotten when I jump on my motorcycle.

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