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This is a continuation of a (brief) Twitter conversation I had with Ken Case about the View options in OF2. Thanks Ken for replying! The query I had was whether the view options in OF2 would be the same as in OF1 or if it would inherit the (in my view, crippled) view options from the iOS app. Ken said:

The Standard edition will use iOSí simplified view options; in Pro, you can create custom Perspectives with the full range.
I think this is a retrograde step: my explanation for why was too long for Twitter, so I thought I'd post here and see what everyone else thought. In OF1 my standard view in Project mode is:
  • Project filter: active
  • Ungrouped
  • Sorting: name
  • Availability: any status
  • Status filter: any status
  • Estimated time: any
I use this combination as it lets me see all the actions (completed and incomplete) in my active projects. Seeing completed actions is important, as I often need to remind myself what the last completed action was in a project to enter the next one (or next few) and when I'm reviewing I like to see what I've already completed. I also like to see all the incomplete actions as I like to get an overview of how far I am through each project. My problem is that in the iOS app there is no direct equivalent of this view. Looking at the alternatives available, they all have at least one issue:
  • Next action: only shows me the next action, not all my remaining ones - no good for reviewing/planning.
  • Available: doesn't show me the completed actions.
  • Remaining: shows me everything on hold as well as my active projects, which I don't want (I use "on hold" projects as my Someday/Maybe list and there are a lot of them, so I don't want to see them when I'm reviewing my active projects).
  • All: no good as it includes completed, dropped and future stuff (all of which I don't want to see when I'm doing general project planning).
Usually on iOS I end up using Available view in project mode, but I curse it virtually every time I use it as there's no direct equivalent of the view I use in OF1: consequently I do pretty much all my reviewing and planning in OF1 and just use the iOS apps as task lists in context mode. So, I'd like to request:
  • Make the iOS apps have equivalent views to OF1 (in my dreams).
  • Don't reduce the view options in OF2 to the level of the iOS app!
I've never really understood why the view options are different between the iOS and OSX apps anyway, to my mind it is likely confusing for new users. I would be very happy if someone tells me "You've been using it wrong" and gives me a way to replicate the view I use in OF1 on the iOS apps, by the way. :)

Edit: p.s. I also have no idea at all why you can't sort the projects list in the sidebar (e.g. alphabetically) in any version of OF. It would be useful...

Last edited by al_f; 2013-02-04 at 01:05 AM..
I think that a lot of folks still haven't fully mastered the art of perspectives. It is a beast to master because OF version 1's UI is not quite user-friendly. Many folks and beginners may be happy with the standard edition and may probably never craft their own perspectives or use Applescripts in OmniFocus.

However, there will be some of us who will want to upgrade to the Pro edition so that we can have our own custom perspectives or use Applescripts. You sound like a candidate who would opt for the pro edition. So, I don't think you should worry too much about the reduction of view options in OF2 if you get the pro version.

It will probably be some time before Omni gets around to version 2 of the iOS versions. For the moment, most people see the iPhone version as perfect for checking off tasks and looking at available tasks when going mobile and away from the Mac. The iPad version is probably best suited for work on the go when you're away from your Mac. Meanwhile, the Mac version is probably your command center where you do the bulk of your OF work.

It would be awesome if the iOS versions can be brought up to the equivalent of each other.

I personally don't like sorting my projects alphabetically. I use the sort order to imply a sense of importance. I'll drag a project higher up the list to imply that this is a higher priority project. If I set a project's status to "On Hold", I'll usually drag it lower down the Projects list. This places the Active projects higher up the list. Alphabetizing my projects wouldn't make sense in my setup.

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