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There has been several posts regarding syncing with ToodleDo and RTM.

Possibly a solution would be a script that exports each task as an email in the format that each site requires. It would be great to be able to edit the script so that only certain contexts or projects would be exported. I have seen the toodledo script and the RTM script but there is no way to control them.

Unfortunately, I don't know apple script. I searched this forum but could not see if anything like this was done before. I found an "export to gmail" script but that was sending everything under a context as a list. I think individual emails that we can format according to the instructions below (or any program) would be good.

If nobody has anything, I can try to get in touch with the developers of the export programs out there and see what can be edited. I use the Android G1 and want only certain tasks to sync with my todo program :)

This solution could possibly work with many other export issues people are dealing with.

Below is some information on the format from both sites.


Adding Tasks Via Email to Toodledo
To add a task, send an email to your secret Toodledo email address with the task in the subject. In addition to the name of the task, you can also set the priority, due-date, folder, context and note using a special syntax.

Priority - The default priority is "0 - Low". To set a higher priority use the ! character as many times as necessary. Typing !! would give your task a priority of "2-High".
Due-Date - To set a due-date, use the # symbol and then type the due-date. For example: "#today" or "#Next thursday" or "#5/12/08".
Folder - To set the folder use the * symbol and then type the name of your folder. For example: "*ProjectA".
Context - To set the context use the @ symbol and then type the name of your context. For example: "@home".
Note - Everything in the body of the email will be put into the note field.
Each new piece must be separated by a space followed by the special character. Putting it all together, here are some example email subjects that you could send to add a task:

Call Jim !! @phone #today
Finish the Report ! #next friday *ProjectA @work
Mow the lawn *Chores @home


How to format your email
The subject should be the task name.
The body can include any of the following (or can be empty):
Priority: 1 or P: 1
Due: Monday at 9am or D: Monday at 9am
Repeat: Every Week or R: Every Week
Estimate: 2 hours or E: 2 hours
Tags: report coffee or S: report coffee
Location: Home or O: Home
URL: or U:
By default, your task will appear in your Inbox. If you want the task to appear in a different list, you can do so with the following:
List: Work or L: Work
Optionally, if you're unable to specify the subject of your email, you can use the following to specify the task name:
Task: Weekly work meeting or T: Weekly work meeting
Notes can be included at the bottom of the email, but need to be separated with '---' (three hyphens).
If your email automatically contains a signature or disclaimer that you'd like to prevent being converted into a note, you can include '-end-' on a line by itself, and everything after this line will be ignored.

Example email
Subject: Weekly work meeting
To: [Your Remember The Milk email address]

Priority: 1
Due: Monday at 9am
Repeat: Every Week
Estimate: 2 hours
Tags: report coffee
This is a heading for the first note.

This is the first note's content.
This is a heading for the second note.

This is the second note's content.

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