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Sync time greatly decreased on my iPhone. Thanks very much.

With perspectives how do the perspectives: Contexts, Due and Flagged which synced over differ from the iPhones similar perspectives ? I think they were default OmniFocus Mac perspectives. My only custom perspective which is a Tickler file synced with its custom icon -- very nice.

If it was possible I would like to be able to choose to only sync my custom Tickler perspective and have that display at the top level instead in a Perspectives menu. But I imagine others with lots of perspectives might feel differently about this. Just a thought.

Will this run on the iTablet :-)

How does perspective sync work? I have about 6 custom perspectives on my mac and only one came across will I be able to choose what ones sync with OmniFocus on mac 1.8?

Cheers for the update though it is very nice.
If I look, on the Mac, at Perspectives > Show Perspectives I see:

Inbox, Projects, Contexts, Due, Flagged, Review, Completed, Flagged and Tickler. I think the last two are custom.

After sync on my iPhone I see in the Perspectives menu > Contexts, Due, Flagged and Tickler.

If I create a random new perspective on the mac called Test and sync it followed by an iPhone sync there is no sign of it on the iPhone. I tried turning off the sync perspectives, resyncing, turning it on again and resyncing. Still not there.


EDIT: Tthe answer is here

This is still a work in progress, and currently only supports non-hierarchical (Context mode) perspectives.
I just tested it. Sorry for not reading the first post carefully!

Last edited by mmurray; 2010-01-09 at 11:34 PM.. Reason: RTFM !
Any way to implement iPhone app view in sidebar of mac app? It will be nice have a sidebar on mac like main window on iPhone. Show perspectives on side bar, no on toolbar; have de same on mac and iphone (of course, editable)
Hi All,

I've added the bookmarklet as instructed in Safari and I've edited the address so everything before javascript is included. But when I test the link on my mac it brings Omnifocus up but that's all. It doesn't appear to add the page as a task.

Am I missing something?
Thank you for the most important software update for me since OS 9 met a punk called NeXT. Speed increase is amazing!

This just made OF so much more useable for me on the run.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
…and 1.6 is now available!
Not yet in my neck of the wood, but I hope so soon.
Sync times here are greatly reduced-thanks so much!

The Perspectives feature, at first glance, appears to not function as I expected. I am not getting the results that I would expect. As one example, I have a 'Due' perspective that shows me 'Due' and the Status for the perspective is set to 'Due Soon'. On the desktop this morning, I have two tasks that appear in this view, both due today. On the iPhone, this perspective shows me tasks with due dates all the way out to April. Below the dated list, it appears that every remaining task in my database (which are all undated) appear.

Also, I have a flagged perspective that, as you might expect, includes all flagged items. On the iPhone, I get the same list of flagged items at the top, then I get a repeat list with all the projects that contain the flagged items. Any flagged item that appears in a SAL is grouped in a section titled 'No Context'.

Is there any documentation on how perspectives are mapped to the iPhone, so that I know how to configure my perspectives so that the results are consistent on both platforms?
Just got the download. My experience with perspectives is the same. I would say it's not ready for prime time as it stand (unless I'm missing something). I also get items that spans multiple days in perspectives that should be limited to 24 hours, and also same thing on flagged.

Also, one perspective, I was getting a number of projects listed underneath the tasks under the label "No Due Date." This is not the behavior I see in OF for Mac.

I guess we might have to wait for 2.0 for both OF and OF for iPhone . . .

Last edited by ksrhee; 2010-01-10 at 03:36 AM..
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
The Nearby Contexts list now only shows contexts which are within 50km (~30 miles) by default. You can change this by using a settings link to update the NearbyDistanceLimit setting (specified in km).
How do I do that?

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