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I'm a new user and I have to tell you that I'm highly dissappointed in the documentation.

The app seems to be great, but I can;t figure out - what I think should be a very simple task.

How do I link an object in one canvas to another? This does not seem to be covered anywhere in the documentation...

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Select the Properties: Action inspector. In the main document window, highlight the object you want to click to jump to another object on a different canvas and pick the options:

Click the object on your secondary canvas (in the inspector) that you want highlighted when you use the browse tool to click the primary object.

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I was wondering if it would make sense if there were an official OmniGraffle IRC channel, where one could talk in "realtime" to other users. This has proven invaluable for me when using blender. Another great app, where I often get stuck.
I regsitered on the board tonight just to give my two cents.

Long time user, well, long enough, and I believe that sample doc's should be packaged with the program and GET EXTRA HELP link so we can find the extra's page. I had no idea about that until tonight.

I want to be a power user and while I can make nice flowcharts (I use this program at least 3 days a week) I am not a power user and that sucks.

Maybe we should start a "Showcase your talents" thread where everyone can post up PDF copies of a flow chart they have created.
Originally Posted by graybeal

And enough of things don't work (can't find the stamp tool; the brush tool only works if you double-click on it, a single-click ends up being useless) or are badly described (Bezier curves: I don't think "click on 1, drag on 2 and 3" describes what you have to do in normal terms, it's more like "click on 1 and drag to 2, click and drag to 3" that it's easy to give up sometimes. I figured most of them out after 3 tries, but ....
I just started using OG and was quite frustrated when I followed the steps in the walkthrough until I saw your post. I cannot find stamp tool (is it still available in 4.1.2 pro?), and the Bezier description doesn't make much sense, etc. :( Glad to see I am not alone...
Originally Posted by Agnostus View Post
Actually, I have tried the Walkthroughs, but I found them to be more appropriate for the "first-contact-with-graphics-app" experience. Something more intermediate is what I need. Some more in-depth coverage of what sets OmniGraffle apart from regular drawing apps in terms of behaviour. E.g. how lines have the tendency to "stick" to each other, and all those automatic placement helps (lines appearing for distance between objects etc), that sometimes come in handy, sometimes get in the way. Something "tutorialoid" that gives some routine with these issues would be great.
I wholeheartedly agree with the need for a book on this. I would like to see more detail about lots of areas. I have recently been hacking my way through some AppleScripts to do round-tripping of xml files with Omnigraffle diagrams (effectively a visual xml editor) and figuring out the Dictionary and more obscure aspects of OmniGraffle has been like home dentistry. Not knocking OmniGraffle at all - it is practically the best app on my Mac and justifies owning a Mac in itself (as if owning a Mac needed justification!).

I have actually been putting some notes together for a brief for a book. Anyone interested in some collaboration on this ( if you are)?

I'd contribute to a wiki on a regular basis. It would be best if it were hosted by Omni.
When I need to know ....? Where do I go? It should do this, shouldn't it?

I've asked on the forum and was rewarded with a blunt answer that I took as "If you'd read the 'Definitive Guide' you wouldn't be asking such a stupid question." I know don't be so sensitive. ;-)

I find that most program's Help often doesn't. Saying "Press the *ShrumShrum Button to get the ShrumShrum Function is redundant all over again. ;-) I might need to know a little bit about ShrumShrums though, and how to use them with OG.

What I think folks here are asking is: How do we push OG to it's limits? How do we know what the limits are? What's the difference between a diagrammer and a sketcher and why can't I do both with OG? How can I partner with Omni to make OG better? How can we help make the user base bigger? How can I get my work done without going to another product? What's a dot graph? Oh, no OG just went to Grafizz what do I do?

All in all, OG is an excellent product. Like many good products you can do 80% of the work with 20% of the features. I need help with the other 80% of the features.

* A ShrumShrum is a generic thing like John Doe, Fred Nerk, or Jane Doe.

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