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I wonder if OF's database is a relational one?

For instance, do repeating projects/tasks actually get duplicated each time they repeat?
Or does OF simply put some kind of reference file that points to the information, like we get with audio programs such as Digital Performer?

The reason I ask is because I think I took my links to checklists system too far (thinking OF is not a relational DB), and I might rethink it or simplify it a bit.
Some repetitive projects would have too many tasks, and I'm not crazy about seeing them populating the entire database every day or every week (this wouldn't bother me if the information does not get duplicated).

Is this something I should be concerned about (taking into account that I'm syncing to iPhone and will to iPad soon)?

Thank you for any thoughts.

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OmniFocus does create duplicates of your repeating Actions, but the "Archive Old Data" feature should keep things from getting out of control. Each month (or however frequently you prefer), just use that command on whichever Mac you want the archive database to live on.

I have several actions that repeat twice a day, and after using OmniFocus in this manner since 2007, my database is still less than a megabyte in size.
Thank you, Brian.

I will try the Archive Old Data feature. I think I read something about it in the documentation. If I understood correctly, OF simply creates a new database with the archived stuff, right?
What I'm not sure about, is, do you get an archive database each time you archive something, or does it keep adding old stuff to the same archive DB?

Also, how does it work if I need to look up something that has been archived? Does OF open the archive database in addition to the regular one? Or must must I import it to the regular DB first?

Originally Posted by Brian
I have several actions that repeat twice a day, and after using OmniFocus in this manner since 2007, my database is still less than a megabyte in size.
Wow! Mine is 10.8 MB already, and I've been using OF for a just a few weeks! I have no clippings or embedded/attached files. I don't think I have nearly as many projects/tasks as you must have...

Should I Compact the database often?
I suppose that means OF makes the DB more efficient and smaller? What does it delete when you Compact it?

Last edited by FMiguélez; 2011-08-04 at 05:29 AM..
When you compact the database, none of your actions or whatnot are deleted. All it's deleting is the history of how it got to the state it's in. OmniFocus should be compacting the database periodically on its own as it syncs with the server.

I forget all the gorey details, but if you're not syncing to anywhere, it might not do that auto-compacting. In that case, compacting once a week or so ought to do it.

If your database doesn't slim down, you might want to email our Support Ninjas ( who could look and see if there's something nefarious going on.
Hi, Lizard.

I will definitely contact the ninjas... The Compact Database command is always unavailable, for some reason (it's grey). Also, my OF database has ballooned from 10.8 MB to 17 MB in just a few days! And I have actually deleted more stuff than added new content. I would've expected it to get smaller, not larger.

I'll see what they can tell me.

Thank you.
If you're using the Sync feature, that would explain why the Compact Database item would be greyed out. Syncing also compacts the database - the menu item is only necessary for folks that don't do that.

As to database size - that's a really big database really quickly - definitely email the ninjas, we'd love to investigate this. Thanks!

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