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In playing with the new app, it appears that many change don't get reflected in the app until you close and re-open. I added something to my inbox, then went in and added a context and a project to it. It still showed as being in the inbox, unti, I closed and re-opened. Same is true for removing a start date, as well as changing a due date.

Could you add a refresh button? Or please just automatically refresh?

I'm not seeing the same behavior. I add the context and project to the item and tap the Done button. The item is cleared from the Inbox and moved to its new project. Just in case it matters, on your desktop OF, what are your Cleanup settings in the Data preferences?

And of course, I can't replicate this behavior now either. (sigh)

Okay, I will watch for what happens and make sure I can consistently reproduce before posting again. Thanks!
I've seen this as well. It clearly is getting set properly, because the change synced over to the Mac and the actions are shown in the proper place.

Even stranger, they don't move out after I restart OmniFocus! Time to save a copy of the database file and try a database rebuild on the iPad.

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I've seen this behavior too, specifically in the Forecast view when I go through and update the due dates for items which are past due. I go into the date panel and change the date to a new date...It seems to stick, but then when I return to the Forecast view, the item is still associated with the "Past Due" items. If I exit Omnifocus and come back in, then it will finally show up under the correct day in the Forecast view.

Even more confusingly, it doesn't always seem to work that way. Sometime when I exit the entry, that item immediately disappears from that list, and is available under the appropriate day. Odd...

I'm seeing the same thing as the OP. I had a past due item which displayed in the Forecast view under Past.
I changed the date to a future date this week, and it remained in the past category until I closed and restarted the app.

I know the new date took because I reopened the item and double checked before I closed the app.
I am seeing the same issue - when I update a past due date, it does not move to the proper category and still shows up on the past due list, with the old date appearing in the list view. If I drill down into the task, then the correct date shows up. I tried restarting the app (good tip there!) and it appears to have refreshed on the iPad. The other twist on this though is the same problem is happening on my Mac, which is synched to the iPad. However, even after restarting and manually syncing, it does not appear to update. Any ideas? I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPad version, but this puts a serious dent in its usefulness.
I am seeing the same behavior with the forecast view not refreshing when the date is changed.
I am also seeing this in Forecast view. I then went to the specific Action in the Project and it did not refresh until I closed and launched OmniFocus. This is definitely a problem.
Could everyone that's running into this issue please shoot an email over to This is a known bug, and we'd like to get a better idea of how many people are seeing this. Thanks!

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