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Another vote for Android. The pricing model for Android could destroy the iPhone market. I changed yesterday from iphone to Android, and I think a lot of other people will too in these times of fiscal uncertainty. I would love to see Omnifocus on Android as I love the app, but I don't want to be tied in to the Mac pricing model.
Can I vote NO on this. :) I'd rather OmniGroup keep making the best OSX, iOS apps out there than take on yet another platform. If they do anything, I would suspect that they would port OF to Windows on the desktop before moving to Android.
I'm also voting Android. However, I'm guessing that Omni is unlikely to develop for a platform other than Apple any time soon, but if it becomes possible to either sync using another company's App or access OmniFocus via the web, I will happily throw out both my iPhone and my iPad, owing to my disgust at the maggoty-one's behaviour...:mad:

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I really enjoy the iPhone, generally (I've had a 3gs for a year), but I'm switching over to Android for the time being -- I just picked up a Droid X yesterday.

OmniFocus will be the last app on my list for which there isn't an Android port AND that's being the case really matters to me on a day-to-day basis.

1Password is available for Android now, albeit it's a little rough around the edges -- but it works!! That was one of the few things preventing me from making the switch earlier.

Omni Group, please port OmniFocus to the Android platform. Perhaps you could do a rough beta port, similar to what Agile Software did with 1Password.

Thanks for a great product.
I too am an all-Mac guy but live where AT&T doesn't serve. Just bought a Droid X. While a Droid version of OF would be sweet, I'd be tickled to be able to access and interact with OF via a website login and would cheerfully pay a modest fee for same. :)
I too would readily purchase a version for Android. I would be willing to pay up to $40 for a phone client, and would be happy to fork over the $25/year that RTM charges.

I recently switched to a Droid Incredible (primarily for Verizon service and Google Voice Integration) and the only thing I miss is the ability to interact with OmniFocus on the phone.

Here's to hoping it will happen eventually.

- OmniFocus for Desktop and former iPhone user
Well, that's why there is a market for iPod touch. The iPod touch is for folks who don't want the iPhone but still want access to the iTunes app store. It's a great device if you already have a sizable investment in iPhone apps and don't want to throw it all away. While it currently doesn't have a camera, it functions almost exactly like an iPhone. Other missing features would be the GPS and compass. Rumors have a new iPod touch with camera capabilities sometime this fall.

I've seen people carrying around the cellphone of their choice as well as an iPod touch. I do this myself and don't mind.

I can already hear the griping about having to carry two devices. But the iPod touch is small enough to fit in your pocket. It's not like you will be carrying a huge 5 pound dictionary or Bible in your pocket.

Omni already has a full plate on their laps. Updating the OmniFocus iPhone app, working on the iPad app, updating to desktop version 1.8, as well as working on their other programs will keep them busy.

They're already spread thin. Asking them to pile on an Android version will be the last straw on the camel's back.
What he said :) I rarely carry a cell phone, and when I do, it's usually a battered old Sony-Ericsson not good for much beyond making calls (and even that part is marginal). The iPod has been a faithful companion for ubiquitous capture and execution with OmniFocus (and entertaining the kid in the car).

I'm going to suggest that if it doesn't absolutely have to fit in your pocket, an iPad with OmniFocus for iPad is the way to go. It is a substantial step forward from the iPhone app. I don't think it is my place to say anything more (prior to the marketing materials hitting the street) than that I think a lot of people will be quite pleased with what it provides.
Another long-time loyal Mac guy and OminFocus user who is NOT EVER going to do iPhone or iPad. Android and cloud computing is simply the sweetest concept to be realized. The beautiful way it flows data together from the cloud, gps, and google's resources outclasses everything else. MobileMe and DAV don't compare... their 15 minutes are over. While producing an Android app is not a simple port, OG should realize that few of us are going to choose our mobile platform based on compatibility with one desktop app. I will give it some time and see what happens, but the fact is I want GTD on droid and Mac to sync, and if OG doesn't do it somebody will. I love OG's apps, own most of them, and really hope I won't be forced to choose. For a lot of us the choice is already made.

Last edited by jtice; 2010-07-21 at 04:24 AM..
I just have to say this:

If you've never owned an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you'll never know what it's like to drink the Kool Aid.... I mean just try it for one week and you'll definitely see the endless posibilities. I got lucky. I was happy with my little ol' iPod classic and resisted an iPod touch. I knew there were many cool apps for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad users but I thought "eh.... I don't really care. I lived without it before. I can live without it now."

But when my sister gave me her old iPod touch after she upgraded to an iPhone, my viewpoint slowly changed.

OK, got an interesting app here and there. Before I realized it, I was slowly getting hooked on the app universe. OmniFocus for the iPhone/iPod touch definitely changed my GTD habits for executing/capturing. I still have my cellphone for its usual purpose. But adding an iPod touch made a world of difference.

The same thing happened with the iPad. Most people shrug and say they don't need an iPad. That is true. It's not necessary. But you will find reasons to use your iPad over time.

whpalmer4 is correct. The iPad is also an amazing companion. I keep an iPad in my messenger bag to keep my daughters busy and when I need to use it for those times when taking out the MacBook Pro is just too much of a hassle.

Maybe if you find a family relative, co-worker, or good friend who has a spare iPod touch, they'll let you try it for a week. Or try it out with a refurbished iPod touch. There are so many available on eBay and various online retailers. I've seen many iPhone/iPod touch users who upgrade to the current generation and they sometimes have an extra last generation iPod lying in a drawer.

I know I resisted an iPod touch for the longest time. But once I got one, I can't think of ever leaving the house without it. It complements my regular cellphone so that I wouldn't have to switch carriers/data plans.... I'll always have OmniFocus with me wherever I go. And OmniFocus iPad is totally gonna rock whenever it comes out.

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