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Does anyone use a 'delegate' context? When wearing a project manager hat, most actions are, by definition, delegated. Now I know OF isn't a project management tool, but I still find it helpful in the context of my own work to plan the activities of others. This is especially useful in the context of micro-managing remote (usually offshore) resources where they need to be micro-managed.

I recently fine tuned my 'waiting for' context to be active, and now set due and start dates for each waiting for task. This seems to be working well in that it gets waiting for tasks off my radar until near the time I need to check up and make sure progress is being made.

I've recently been considering a 'delegate' context for use when in planning mode. Often I'll break up the parts of a IT related project into manageable chunks that will be delegated at some point, but not just now (the project might not start for a few weeks/months). It seems that a delegate context might be just the thing for this, with it having an 'on-hold' status.

Anyone else using something like this? Any full-time, professional project managers out there with any better systems or recommendations?

- Steve

I don't use a "delegate" context, but rather ask myself the question "what is my next task for this delegated project?" Often it will be to check back with the person, so:

1) I'll create an action that reads as "Ask Tom if he got a chance to make some progress on X". (and when possible a less generic version than that).

2) I'll use the start date on that next action to set when I should do it (2 days from now? 1 week from now?).

3) I'll put it in the context which is the most appropriate. If I communicate primarily by email with that person, it will go in the "Computer" context. If I get to talk pretty often with that person, it will go in a more specific context ("With Tom").

Thanks. That's very similar to the way that I'm now using waiting-for. The question was more from a planning perspective. If I'm planning out a series of steps that one or more other people may perform, they aren't yet in a waiting context, because I haven't assigned the actions to them yet.

So the idea I'm toying with is to create this delegated context to put these actions/projects in to get them off my radar until I assign them.

I supposed that just putting the project on hold might be the way OF intends this to be done; I was just checking here to see of any project-manager types handled things differently. Part of the driver is that I use action groups to manage this -- I'm breaking up each individuals actions and putting them as action groups in the overall project. I usually don't want the whole project on hold, just an action group or two (person assigned to something else temporarily, equipment not available, on holiday, sick, etc.). Looking at the inspector, I see that I can indeed put action groups on hold, so might give this a try instead.

Any other micro-managers out there? ;-)

- Steve

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Originally Posted by nunez View Post
Looking at the inspector, I see that I can indeed put action groups on hold, so might give this a try instead.
Are you sure about that? That would allow the people asking for the ability to put a single action on hold to do so, now, by simply wrapping that action in an action group. Hard to believe that no one has thought of that solution in all the times the question has come up on the forum. I don't see any indication in the inspector that you can put an action group on hold -- are you taking liberties with terminology here, and referring to setting a future start date as putting something on hold? Admittedly, the distinction between pending and on hold is more important for projects than it is for action groups.
Looking again, I was incorrect in saying that this applies to the group. I just tried selecting the action group inspector and put it on hold. It actually puts the entire project on hold, which I hadn't noticed the first time I tried it.

I can now see why people want the single action on hold. It's not too hard to think of some other use cases either.

It also brings me back full-circle to the question of a 'delegate' context to get the behaviour I'm looking for.

- Steve
I use an action group for these kind of things. I set the action group to sequential and do something like this...

Complete Activity1 (sequential group)
Assign activity1 to Mr. Man -> Office
Mr. Man to complete activity1 -> Waiting
Wrap up activity1 activities go here
If you're looking for a project management software there are lots of it which you can use. But yeah you have to check whether it will satisfy your needs and wants in handling projects. You have to really check it well so that it will help you in your business. Some software are overkill for a business or projects and thus, it's just a waste of money.

You can find more project management software alternatives here:

You can find a google doc that compares all the project management software listed in the blog. You can see which features are available for such software which might help you choose the best software for you.
Originally Posted by Casper TFG View Post

That work well for me..
ditto, this seems to work well for me too.

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