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Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Huh? What's stopping you?
Ok, maybe I need to clarify. I have to jump through more hoops/steps in order to do these things.

Before: Click "save as" > update name = two files.

Now: Click "duplicate" > wait for the duplicate to appear over the old window > click "save" > update name = two files.

Something like twice as many steps are required, now.

Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
My understanding is that it is similar to how Time Machine works, except it is storing the difference between two versions instead of an entire copy. But the active file doesn't contain the history of all of the changes that made it what it is. That history is stored elsewhere in the disk volume. This isn't like Microsoft Word's "Fast Save" or whatever it was called where you could find evidence of previous revisions of the file. That said, if you want to keep a completely self-contained snapshot of your file at a given point, duplicate the file and name it accordingly.
That's what I was thinking, too. In that case, if that file becomes corrupt, you're screwed. Where as with using save-as like many of us used to do, we're automatically creating redundancy (although slightly out of date) on the fly.
I'm seeing a lot of good feedback in this thread; in addition to posting it here, I hope folks are using Apple's OS X Feedback page.

Feedback sent there can help address these concerns in all the apps that adopt Versions, which seems like the biggest win for everyone concerned...
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
I'm seeing a lot of good feedback in this thread; in addition to posting it here, I hope folks are using Apple's OS X Feedback page.

Feedback sent there can help address these concerns in all the apps that adopt Versions, which seems like the biggest win for everyone concerned...

And thanks for the great software in general to you and your whole team.

The irony is, I have been searching all over the place and still can't figure out how to access a previous version. If Omni chose to adopt this platform change, then OK... I can understand the reasons. But you had to know when doing this, that the majority of people who use this software, save versions as a major part of their workflow. So in taking that away, at a minimum, there should be a page you publish that is titled just like the title of this thread... "What happened to save as" along with not only an explanation as to why, but an explanation of how to access "versions". It may be some kind of Apple OS indigenous feature, but at a minimum you should point to the explanation on Apple's web site... if it exists. Like I said, I've been searching and can't find anything.

Even if the feature is better in the long run, the execution and communication of that feature, in my opinion, is a FAIL.
FYI... I tried a different approach to searching for this feature... here it is:
@ Brian: when I look at Text Edit or the iWorks programs they have a "Save..." option not just a "Save a Version" choice. You can still choose to save with a different file name and in a different location.

The current change in Omnigraffle to just "Save a Version" is disastrous. Any designer/prototyper needs to be able to specify what's changed in a version in the filename. It appears the only way Omnigraffle lets you go back to a prior version is by choosing "Revert Document" and then wildly guessing via the Time Machine style UI what version to go back to.

Omni should first solve for its customers, then solve for Apple design guidelines. Right now Omnigraffle is unusable for me. I'll have to use Justinmind and Balsamiq and other tools until this gets fixed.
Jakers, I don't think there's any difference between our behavior and the corresponding functionality in TextEdit and iWorks: new documents have a "Save..." menu item, and once they've been saved that changes to "Save a Version". This is the behavior provided by the system frameworks in OS X. (I realize that's not going to make you like the behavior any more, I just wanted to point out that we do in fact behave the way that Apple's apps do.)
Given the explanations of the several members of the Omni team, definitely, remain with Mac OSX compatibility.

The change in Lion, and the several new capabilities it provides, needs to be understood. There is no point in:
a. comparing with other OSes, because they simply do not have those features
b. comparing with the past (much as that is automatic and understandable) because the past method did not have those features.
In order to get the whole set of new features, and have them integrated with the existing (past) methods, Apple has removed/replaced certain functions. ANd s/w that complies with Apple standards have automatically been changed.

Therefore (c) there is no point in comparing with non-compliant apps, because they are non-compliant and irrelevant, and because they cannot (ever, until upgraded to compliance) use the new features.

We have moved from wood fires to electric stoves. The change needs to be understood, gathering wood in the forest is an awful lot of work, but understandably some of us are unwilling to change. We now have full integration with TimeMachine, etc, etc.

Of course, there is a danger in getting electrocuted, not much different to setting to house on fire, but that is a carelessness issue, nothing to do with the electricity or the wood. Learn the method reasonably, so as not to kill yourself. In a few days the new methods (and features) will be "intuitive", and you won't want to go back to stacking wood.


Last edited by DerekAsirvadem; 2012-03-16 at 04:02 PM..
Save as disappeared when I upgraded to Lion on my Mac. I understand there is a workaround, but it's not pretty and it's not the way I work. I want Omnigraffle to conform to the conventions of most other programs by providing both a save and save as function for quick saves or new version saves.

Will you do it?
The trouble with no "save as" is there doesn't seem to be a way to indicate where I want a file saved (in which client folder, for example). Any advice?

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