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I should point out as a general piece of information concerning this feature is that it will represent a definitive change to the file format itself, which necessitates it waiting until version 5 as opposed to any earlier release.

Currently there are three line types in OmniGraffle: straight, orthogonal, and curvy. Adding bezier line types would either mean a fourth type of line, or we'd convert the current curvy type to bezier. In either case, a rather large decision must be made as to what to do with this new line type for users of previous versions of Graffle -- Convert to curvy? Represent it with a NURB?

As such, we feel it would be untoward to change the file format thusly in a point release, so it's just going to have to wait for OmniGraffle 5.

I'd like to also point out that you can get really nice arcs on lines right now by using the straight line type, 90 degree angles, and really big corner radii.

"Vroom! Vroom!!"

Thank you for your answer here - this is helpful when you put it the way you have from a development perspective and the impact of the file format.

I do use lines with big corners a fair bit and they help to get the look, but they are not quite there.

As to replacing the curved line vs another type - I am torn as to what I would prefer. I think the key to that decision is whether or not it would impact old drawings -- if changing the curvy line type would change the old drawings, that might be a deal breaker for some.

Keep us posted on what you are thinking

Originally Posted by Joel
...Currently there are three line types in OmniGraffle: straight, orthogonal, and curvy. ...
Firstly, this is my first post and I've registered because A) I've just purchased the pro-version and its an excellent piece of software. B) because I too have a need similar to those posting in this very thread.

I think there may be an alternative approach. Why not allow a user to select and modify the properties of any line-segment on a closed-shape? For example, I could draw an arbitrary shape with the pen-tool, then select either 2 points making up a line-segment, or perhaps just click between points to select it, then apply properties to it, one of them could be to turn OFF the stroke on that line segment only. Would this also require a new file-format and therefore a wait until 5.0?
And please add me to the list of those who need to be able to edit Bézier curves...

I came to this forum specifically to ask for this feature. Consider this a vote!

If you can't do this, at least clean up the default behaviour for bendy lines - I have always thought that the algorithm you use looks ugly and makes very little sense... All we want to do is draw curvy lines with accuracy!


I'd love true, editable Bézier curves in OmniGraffle 5 Pro as well!
For what it's worth, I just ended up here looking for this exact feature. +1 for true Bezier lines.

I'd also like to be able to take a Bezier shape and break it at a control point, turning it into a Bezier line. Furthermore, after intersecting two Bezier shapes, it would be helpful to maintain edit-ability of the control points.

As for implementation approaches, I'd suggest adding a fourth line type so you can ensure existing files render without visual changes between versions. You could call one "auto curvy" and the other "advanced curvy", or similar.

All that being said, the corner radius feature is very cool and can get you far.
Hah! Like many of those that have posted before me, I joined this forum SOLELY to request this feature! I *love* OGP (and have convinced many of my interaction designer colleagues to use it), but not being able to create smooth bezier lines is a significant hole in the feature set (especially when bezier _shapes_ are available -- what's that about??). And maybe I'm missing something, but the corner radius hack mentioned above doesn't come close to addressing my needs as a designer. Thanks for listening Omni!!

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