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Is there a script floating around that allows me to append text to an outline from Launchbar?

I'm sure in the Kinkless 'era' this was possible but I'm having trouble finding anything now...
The script found here appears to have all the pieces you would need, but some tinkering will be required. It will send stuff to KGTD from either QuickSilver or LaunchBar.
Thanks for that whpalmer.

That script is way more complex than I needed but I was able to extract the relevant bits into this:
on handle_string(action)
		tell application "OmniOutliner Professional"
			set theDocument to the front document
			make new row at end of theDocument
			indent the last row of theDocument
			set topic of last row of theDocument to action as international text
			save theDocument
		end tell
	end try
end handle_string
It could be improved, I know, but it's working.

Last edited by bongoman; 2009-06-22 at 07:06 PM..
there's a simpler way. you don't need a script.
If the application that you are working with is written in cocoa framework of apple, as most good mac apps are, then you should use the append to omnioutliner feature in the services submenu of the menubar of the active window.
did you remember to install omniservices in your application support folder of your user library? :)

ps the keyboard shortcut to append to omnioutliner is "command >"

it is called "omnioutliner: add to clippings"

just test it out.

Last edited by mrglsmrc; 2009-06-29 at 02:01 PM..
Yes, that works well as long as the text you want to insert is already there somewhere. I can't speak for the OP, but I use the ability in QS to type some text and send it off to a QS action quite often.
I revisited QS after your remark. as you know, QS is now public source at google code. Older versions are reputed to fail with the leopard OS.
so i installed the bleeding-edge alpha of qs which google hosts.
This alpha does not handle most of the plug-ins which I find useful. It certainly is no help in omniweb or omnioutliner.
I will revisit QS again in a few months just to be fair.
If there is a specific flavor of QS that you'd recommend to the OP and to me, I'd like to know about it.
thanks from new york,
I run 54(3815) with no difficulties. Maybe I just don't use the parts that don't work well on Leopard? Why not try it and see whether it will work for you rather than just taking someone's word for it that it won't?
so i heeded your advice.
I overwrote my beta56alpha7 installation of QS1 with beta54, which is what you use.
I attempted to install 34 plugins. Only 4 plugins install. These are the same 4 that were installed in beta56.
So maybe I am missing something here? At your earliest convenience, please check your QS preferences plugin tab and tell me what you know. Thanks.
We're getting a bit far afield from the original topic, so I've put my reply over in the Omni Lounge forum. Here's a link.

Just shy of 1,600 posts, and this is my first thread creation, whoopee :-)

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