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It's quite often that Omniweb tells me it just can't load a page even if I try again and again while I have absolutely no problem at all with any other browser.

"Stopped loading <http://.......>: incorrect answer from server"
I haven't heard of anything like this... it would help a lot if you could tell us which URLs you have problems with so we could try them. If you don't want to give out the URLs publicly, send an email (via the "Help"->"Send Feedback" menu item).
I'm actually having the exact same problem.

I'm on the cusp of purchasing OW, but lately I've been noticing that some pages will take a really long time to start loading and sometimes won't really load much of anything at all.

A 'fix' I've found is to click to stop loading, then start the page loading again and it will pop up nice and fast in true OW form.

If, however I take the exact URL and load it into Safari or Netnewswire, the same delay does not exist.

The most recent site this has occurred on was I loaded this URL into Safari and/or NNW immediately after trying to load it in OW and saw no delay at all.

I just also note that I have MenuMeters installed and while OW is delayed in it's loading, but bandwidth usage is hovering at zero the entire time.

I've also tried tweaking my Network settings using Tinkertool System to no avail. Broadband optimized and default yield the same result.

Lastly, ISP tests will give me a result of 1500Kb approx. one time when OW isn't happy and then immediately after that I will consistently get nearly 6000Kb which is right where it should be.

I hope there is a solve for this 'cause I was really excited about OW and ready to buy. My demo has only a few days left to go.
fwiw, loads instantaneously for me in 5.5.1b1
Yeah, it does for me now too. It's not necessarily a recurring thing.

I will try 5.5.1 though and see if that helps.
You know, my wife has similar problems in Safari and Firefox--it seems to be symptomatic of a poor net connection, in our case a problematic wireless router which I replaced last night.

Sometimes when I check the system.log, I see messages like
Oct 29 21:18:30 Lens-MacBook mDNSResponder: Repeated transitions for interface en1 
(FE80:0000:0000:0000:0216:CBFF:FEB9:0820); delaying packets by 5 seconds
Could something similar be happening to you?
Where do you find that info?

I had thought of the connection thing as well, but all my internet test show an excellent connection including Internet Speed Tests, Ping tests to my ISP and even tech support at my ISP said communication with my modem is excellent. Seemingly regardless of whether I'm connected directly to my modem or through my Router (which is a brand new D-Link DIR-625).

Plus it's only really been OW that's been giving me a delay.

However, since launching 5.5.1 I've not had a delay. *crosses fingers*

And I somehow am back to having 30 days left in my Demo. Sweet! :D

Will post again if the delay persists.
Open Console in your Utilities folder and open the system.log and console.log to see the read out whenever this happens.
This is for exemple a link that won't work and open immediately in Camino.

Originally Posted by m-rick
This is for exemple a link that won't work and open immediately in Camino.
Uh Oh! I'm afraid this site opens fine for me. I'm using 5.5.1

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