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OmniWeb appears to try to trim the titles of pages in the tab drawer, i.e. finding common prefixes and cutting them off to save space for likely more specific parts of the title. But I can't find any documentation on this, and for me, it behaves very, very erratically. Sometimes it trims titles when it's not even necessary, when there's enough room for the whole title. Sometimes it cuts off words that aren't part of a common prefix, and sometimes it doesn't trim titles at all when it seems like it should. I'd really just like to disable this. Is there any information available on this bugfeature?
As far as I am aware it isn't buggy. It just removes the first word or series of words that are the same in more than one tab. E.g. "MacWorld" if you browse to more than one of their pages at a time. Or the forum titles here. Simple as that.

If you check the behaviour again, does this sound like what it is doing? If it isn't then you are experiencing a bug, but the reason isn't because of the default behaviour.

Fwiw, I don't know of any way to remove the behaviour completely.

Edit - note that this means that titles can be trimmed even though their from two different domains. For example many Mac related sites will have stories starting with the word "Apple" so you won't see it in the title of the tabs when you are viewing more than one at a time, even though they originate from different sites.

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Interesting, I'm not seeing any trimming at all. Anyone have a link for an example?
I realize what it's supposed to do, but it's terribly inconsistent for me. Right now I have a window full of tabs of pages from another forum, and some of them are prefixed with the forum's name, some aren't, and some have more words cut off.

In general, I don't find it to be a very helpful 'feature'. I hope we at least get an option to disable it.
If it is being inconsistent, then you are experiencing a bug, not normal behaviour. It isn't inconsistent because it shouldn't be happening that way (fwiw, I haven't seen this happen in years of use of OmniWeb since the feature was first implemented in the days of the 5.0 sneakypeeks).

Forrest, if you aren't seeing this, then you possibly used a hidden default to turn it off at some point? If so, then ata should be able to find out what it is from OmniGroup.

Btw, if you want to test it, open (I'm assuming you aren't there in any of your tabs already). The tab will be labelled "Macworld..." and whatever comes next. If it is working, when you command-click one of the story links to open a second tab, you will see the "Macworld" disappear on the first tab and it won't even be present on your second tab. If you close either tab, "Macworld" will reappear at the start of the title of the remaining tab.

Last edited by JKT; 2008-01-10 at 05:22 PM..
Thanks JKT. The machine I tested it on is a rather clean install. I went to Macworld earlier and tried, but didn't realize I had to open multiple tabs of the same site for it to start working.

One thing I noticed, is if you open two tabs with the same page title, the truncation goes away and the default page title is used.
I would call that expected behaviour otherwise you would end up with no title at all ;)

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