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OmniGraffle 5 Pro Rescaling OG 4 Pro Drawings Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I just purchased the upgrade from OmniGraffle 4 Pro to OmniGraffle 5 Pro, and overall I'm very pleased with it.

However, at least a few (maybe all) of my drawings were re-scaled (or their canvases were rescaled). In one example, with OmniGraffle 4 Pro, most of the document fit on a single-page canvas, with "extra" stuff I didn't want printed off to the side.

With OmniGraffle 5 Pro, the part I want printed now stretches across 4 pages (2x2). Its as if either all my objects were scaled up or the canvas itself was scaled down. Otherwise, the drawing seems fine. This is the case with all 3 of the OmniGraffle 4 Pro drawings I've opened with OmniGraffle 5 Pro...

Any ideas how best to fix this? Selecting "Print canvas on one printer sheet" is not a good solution because I sometimes don't want to print everything...

EDIT: I selected everything, then shift-dragged the bottom-right selection handle to resize my objects until the sizes were right. This wasn't perfect, though, as the text was now too large. So I selected it all and changed the font size as well (thank goodness all my text except for one line was using the same font, style, and size). Still is there an easier way? This will be a real pain to do for all of my old drawings!

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If all you need to do is make sure that your canvases will fit to one page, all you have to do is check the "Auto-adjust the canvas size" checkbox in the Canvas Size Inspector, and then check the "Print canvas on one printer sheet" box just below it.

If you need different print scaling, those controls live in the Page Setup dialog.
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Any idea why OmniGraffle 5 Pro rescaled my OmniGraffle 4 Pro documents in the first place?
DarylF2, not sure, but it _sounds_ like "auto-adjust canvas size" got turned on in your documents. (This is actually a per-canvas setting.) If that is on, then the canvas is automatically resized to contain any content that falls off the bottom or right of the canvas.

To turn it off, go to the "Canvas: Size" inspector and uncheck "Auto-adjust canvas size."

I noticed just today that all the boxes I placed in my OGP documents were smaller than before and I had to resize them. Kinda stunk. Because of this, I am going to open one of my more complicated flows to make sure they are not all like this.

OGP5 is rescaling objects for me...
My situation is like dude's, I think. In OmniGraffle 4 Pro, my objects all fit onto a single-page (1x1) canvas except for one document (where "spare" or unused network resource objects were stored just to the right of the canvas for easy access but so they wouldn't print). When opened with OmniGraffle 5 Pro, these documents were all spread over 4 (2x2) canvases as if every object was larger than before (which is different than dude's situation where his objects were smaller than before).

Its not a HUGE problem, but it will be a fair bit of work to fix all of my drawings... :(
If Omni Group would find it useful, I can supply an OmniGraffle 4 Pro document that exhibits this issue. My work documents cannot be distributed, but I used OmniGraffle 4 Pro to create a map for a Neverwinter Nights 2 module that I was playing a while back, and it exhibits these same problems.
If you know what the print scale was as it showed in the Canvas Size Inspector in version 4, you can enter in that same percentage in the print scale input field in the Page Setup dialog.

We removed print scale from the Canvas Size Inspector as it's already available in Page Setup, and the easy combination of it with the ruler scale feature in OmniGraffle Professional could potentially lead to a lot of confusion.
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Since I had to wind up explaining this in length to someone, here's the full account of the changes that were made to the removal of the print scale input field from the Canvas Size Inspector:

That print scale input field was just another way to perform the same operation that's found in the Page Setup dialog. The convenience was its easy access from the inspector as well as the Fit button. We had imagined this feature to facilitate the printing of very large canvases (ones that would normally tile to many pages on printout) to one page, following these steps:

- One would resize a very large canvas to one page by one page, with a good portion of the diagram or document falling well off the printable area of the canvas
- Clicking the Fit button would change the print scale such that all the content would appear smaller, and fit on the canvas for printing purposes

(a quick side note about how print scale works -- a one inch square is still considered to be one inch in OmniGraffle regardless of the appearance onscreen when the print scale is changed)

So, in OmniGraffle 5 we've removed the print scale field in the Canvas Size Inspector and replaced it with the "Print canvas on one printer sheet" checkbox. This setting will allow any overly large canvas to display at normal size yet still print out to one page. It works in combination with the "Auto-adjust the canvas size" checkbox, so you can just add content to your document as you'd like, the canvas will grow to accommodate it, and so long as it's set to print to one printer sheet it will fit to a single page on printout.

(you can also un-check the "Size is multiple of printer sheets" checkbox to get your canvas to grow in a more rational manner instead of adding a new page and a lot of white space)

What we did not take into account were users that made use of print scale and the Fit button to continually re-size content down to fit on a single set canvas size regardless of whether they were going to print or not. The issue here is that the legacy print scale percentage is lost on opening up in OmniGraffle 5. If you go into the Page Setup dialog and enter in the percentage that was showing in the Canvas Size Inspector in version 4, your document will go right back to the way you expect it to be.

I have opened up discussion to maintain that print scale when opening up documents saved in earlier versions of OmniGraffle, I am of the opinion that's the correct approach here.

Lastly, another very important reason we removed the print scale field from the Canvas Size Inspector is that it could conflict with the use of ruler scale and cause a great deal of confusion.
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With OmniGraffle 4 you were effectively shrinking the objects on the canvas. You are no longer doing this. You make that quite apparent by showing the actual page breaks. It seems to have the same effect as in OmniGraffle 4 you not only have to click "Print canvas on one printer sheet" and "Auto-adjust the canvas size" (which is better than OmniGraffle 4 IMHO) but you have to turn off View->Extras->Page Breaks. This is somewhat of a three step process. If the said purpose is to synchronize everything with printing then there should be no page breaks showing don't you think? You've already specified with the first click to print to one page why are you showing page breaks.

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