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Please, tell me I'm wrong! Next Actions pref is busted Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
SpiralOcean, you're right. With a context, it's available, but now the "write draft of email..." action is no longer shown to be available.
Are you using the Available preference? I duplicated your project on my phone and both are showing up for me.
Originally Posted by paulduv View Post
SpiralOcean, you're right. With a context, it's available, but now the "write draft of email..." action is no longer shown to be available.
How about including the view bar in your screen shots so we can be sure we're talking about the same thing?
Also, I'm a bit unsure -- are you doing this on the phone or the desktop? It's in the phone forum, but with desktop screen shots...
To take a screen shot on the iPhone, while holding the home button down press the lock button.
It's waaay past my bed-time, so I'll have to read more closely tomorrow. But as a quick note, it looks like you all may be straightening me out...
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
change your parallel projects to single action lists, which do show all available items styled as Next Actions.
This is a great solution to your problem with the Next view, given the current design of the software. Pretty easy change, too.
Originally Posted by paulduv View Post
It would be fair to say, would it not, that that last sentence could be replaced with this?
The reason you bother to distinguish between parallel and sequential projects, is that often, you're able to do anything in a project, and so you need those actions to be available. We've built that capability in, with the expectation that you need it. But, on the iPhone, we've designed this "view" to treat both kinds of projects exactly the same way! When it comes to sequential projects, we're showing you "next actions" as you'd expect, and when it comes to parallel projects, we're showing you what happens to be a the top of your list, as you would not expect. We're calling that a "suggestion". This way of showing Next Actions has the obvious benefit of completely breaking the system.
The only difference between "Available" and "Next" is that Available shows all available actions, while Next only shows you the first available action. Perhaps our documentation should include a sentence like this:
To show all parallel actions at once, choose the "Available" view setting. If you would rather see just the first available action from each project (to avoid having parallel projects dominate your action list), choose the "Next" view setting instead.
It sounds like you actually want to see all your available actions (rather than just the first), so you simply need to select "Available" rather than "Next".
Ok. I was completely gapping out on the distinction between "Next" and "Available". Clearly, I was so apoplectic because I had been labouring under the belief that it was not possible to view either way. Ken, I suppose that chane in instruction might have helped, on the other hand, I'm sure most people 'grok' the different modes just fine.

Thanks for all your time - Ken in particular who's time, for my own self-interest, is very valuable! :)

Being so, um, "adament" has has its benefits at times, but it also means that, when I'm wrong, it's a looong way to climb down.

So, thanks again, that's a big help. I can't imagine how I got by without OmniFocus!
Just downloaded FireSprite from . That's a very cool concept! Looking forward to playing around with it.

I've got it "detached" from the dashboard (at least while I'm not worried about processor cycles):

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