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How Do You Deal w/ Stuff, When Things Are Blowing Up In Your Face? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
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After doing a massive mind sweep and an attempt at a weekly review i'm still swamped with incoming projects/events/tasks that are coming so fast I need to focus on them right now rather than organizing my OF, which has prevented me from finishing my Weekly Review.

It sucks too cause I'm sure you as well love the feeling of being in control, or Master in Commander as DA would say after wrapping up a Weekly Review.

I'd say about 1/3 of all things in my Inbox this weekend were processed though new things kept coming my way that desperately needed my attention. For example, right now I have to cram for a Math exam that is less than 12 hours away. Admittedly I should've studied before hand and not waited till the last minute, but that experience of falling of the GTD wagon is a prime example and sure reminder if I get close to falling off again. (Perhaps the beginning (again) act of getting back on the GTD horse explains to some degree the numerous items needing immediate attention.)

Fortunately the past few days i've been finding solace jotting down almost every thought that carries importance. With my new iPod touch and OF app I feel great whipping it out, writing a note in the inbox during any part of my day. I feel great knowing the thought wasn't just lost. The only times i've found myself without a capture tool are: In the Shower (Solution ideas?) & Right before falling asleep in bed. I find it very interesting that i'm flooded with great ideas and thoughts at these times. Anyways, back to the point of this thread...

Having still not finished processing all my inbox items, though still adding my in the inbox everyday I stunned myself with that thought that capturing thoughts and processing ideas isn't just a weekly review task. It's not just a once a week thing to process notes and sort out projects and NA's.

Fortunately upon constant reading in the OF Forums i've implemented some great tips from fellow OF users. Personally one of my most favorite tips came from (& I hope you come across this) curt.clifton where he posted what was in his morning, evening and weekly review.


This has helped me a great deal, having now very similar (almost exact) steps in my own OmniOutliner. For those mornings where I run out the door quickly or arrive home too late I got some random note taker app on the iPod Touch with the same bullet points for Morning and Evening Reviews. Well, back to realizing all this note taking, mind capturing, processing stuff occurs everyday I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed as to how to be in complete control of my game.

I genuinely love capturing all my thoughts during the day, allowing me to be present in the moment in class now and when conversing with friends...but I can't help but feel there isn't too much time to devote to organizing my day when set times and events must be met, adding with that the last minute must-do's.

I'm sure to a degree this is just me starting up GTD after falling off the wagon, and to a degree feel i'm starting to spin the plates again, with only maintaining the already spinning plates in the future (its easier to maintain them once already spinning.) Though the crucial thought of self-realizing this is a daily thing really stuck with me; thinking I really need to be able to set time in the morning and evening to process and organize not only my days out, but the overall system itself.

How do you do it?

I remember reading somewhere on the forum where someone stated they spend at least about 60-90 minutes a day in just morning+evening review mode; processing captured stuff, glancing at possible "about to blow up" items, etc. Personally I feel rushed in the mornings just to get to school on time 20 miles away. Days don't always go according to plan and by the time 7pm comes i'm either too tired to go on, or 40 miles away from home.

Rather than keep the rambling going i'll open it up to discussion; feeling better progress and a better thread will evolve that way.


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