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Fading away a completed action Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I accidently checked off two actions when I intended to check only one. I've gone back and repeated that error, and I believe I've found a serious usability trap.

Starting with this state:
  • action 4 of 6 in purple
  • action 5 in black
  • action 6 in black
When I check off line 4, it instantly disappears (due to Remaining filtering) and the next line becomes purple. Without reading the text, it appears I didn't actually check the box. So I click again.

I imagine this could also happen if I accidentally double-click a check box instead of doing a single click.

Suggestion: when an action is checked off and will disappear due to filtering, show the completed action for just a moment and then have it fade away ( la Mail's hiding of the Reply To or BCC address fields). I realize this is a lot more work, but it would be a sexy way of showing what's actually happening when an action is hidden and could avoid accidently checking off an action that is not completed.

[copy of a formal feedback report]

At the beginning of the alpha testing, checked-off items would appear in black with a strikethrough. There was a preference to set how long checked items would stick around.

We need this back!

A reeeeeeally slow fade, like 18-24 hours or a calendar day, would be good solution ... better than a quick fade for many users ... and probably easier to implement.
Like the other posters, I've occasionally had difficulties because of completed items immediately disappearing. On the other hand, I would prefer to not have completed tasks cluttering my view. I wonder if the solution is to leave the completed tasks visible until I switch views or change filter settings.

The idea of a set expiration time is very appealing, but seems to introduce potentially confusing UI inconsistencies. For example, if completed tasks "expire" after a set time limit, then what is their status during that time? Should they show only in the remaining and completed filters? Or should they also be in the available filter? What about the next actions filter?

I'm not trying to argue against the feature. After all, I could just set the expiration time to a very small number. I'm just trying to understand the implications.


I had the same problem with repeating tasks. I checked one off and it was still there. so I clicked again and again and... After a bit of clicking I figured out there must be something wrong and checked. There were quite a bit of 'completed' tasks.

So I definitely think a delay or fading would be helpful.
A good suggestion. A quick fade would be both sexy and useful.
I've too have checked off things by accident.

I've also had a similar problem with repeating tasks. I checked of a repeating task in a hurry and because it shows up again with no visual clue I thought OF wasn't checking things off. I looked in my completed items and I'd checked it off five times before I realised what was happening.
This is a issue with most task systems, how to manage what happens to the action. Personally, I've always like to be able to see the tasks I've completed within a range of time, this allows me review my progress from the day. PLus there is some satisfacion from seeing what has been completed.

It would be very nice if this feature was available. My preference is a faded text with a strikeout.
There's actually an inconsistency in how the current build works in this respect. If the Actions filter is set to "Available," then checking off an action makes it disappear immediately. If the Actions filter is set to "Remaining," though, checking off an action turns it gray and struck through. It then disappears if you Clean Up.

I would like the current "Remaining" behavior to apply with the "Available" filter too. I reported the inconsistency to Omni via feedback.

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