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I wanted to set cmd-' so that it would toggle the grid on and off. So I set this up for "Grid" in keyboard settings. It worked at first, until it didn't. At which point I saw that there are two menu items both named "Grid". Underneath View, the one I want, and under Inspectors, the only place it works now.

Maybe there's a mac trick here I don't know about...

I would also like an icon for the customizable toolbar that would do the same, but it seems to not be available. (In fact, as a feature request, it would be really nice if I could put just about any command on the customizable toolbar as many of the ones I want are not available).

Last edited by Leon Starr; 2008-06-13 at 02:07 PM..
So far so good. Not entirely confident that the problem is resolved, but after installing the beta, my shortcut seems to work okay.
Hmmmm... my guess is that the keyboard shortcut-setting bits in the OS don't expect multiple menu items to have the exact same name and get (justifiably) confused.

I'll write that up as a bug. Presumably, if we rename one or the other of those items, the problem wouldn't happen.

Last edited by Brian; 2008-06-20 at 12:12 AM..
Just wanted to confirm that I'm still having the same problem in the current beta. It just took a while to surface. My shortcut was working fine because I had not opened up the grid inspector. As soon as you do that, the confusion begins! So you're right, it's a menu duplication problem. Looking forward to seeing that fixed
Hi Leon,

We're working on the larger problem of the two menu commands with the same name, but I wanted to let you know in the meantime that there is a "Snap to Grid" toolbar item. It's one of my favorites to toggle on and off, to see all the little squares hop into place. :)
Yes, I've had that one on the toolbar and it is nice. More toolbar choices would be better, however, like shape alignment and shape operations (union, intersect, subtract).

And I recently discovered and printed out the keyboard shortcut guide as it's always best just to memorize the shortcuts as you work along.

Last edited by Leon Starr; 2008-07-01 at 10:13 PM.. Reason: Misinterpreted earlier post
I'd like to request you guys handle this as a General Class of Problems.

I need to superscript/subscript inline.. so I've used keyboard shortcuts to create Superscript, Subscript mappings.. Unfortunately, the 'return to normal baseline' function is called 'Use Default' (Format->Font->Baseline->Use Default), which you guys have all over your menus.

Apple should fix their shortcut manager to allow multiple levels of hierarchy in the description, certainly.

And until then, I cant tell you how much it sucks to have to stop typing a formula and browse through four layers of pulldowns every time I want to go back to the baseline.
I'm only seeing "Use Default" in the Font Menu -> Kern, Ligature, Baseline submenus, which is Apple's default (see TextEdit and others).

Am I missing a spot where we're using it elsewhere?
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

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