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iPad OUInspector, Slices, Color... Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I'm trying to wrap my head around the OUIInspector code and canít seem to get what I need going. Starting off simple I want to change the background color of a view.

When I init the Inspector I pass it a theView I want to Change. The View has the protocol defined in it and functions for it implemented.

When I call up the Inspector with the Color Slice I only see the DetailSlice Navigation swatch, which does nothing when I click it. I'm not 100% sure where the other colors are supposed to come from?

Also Looking at the isAppropriate functions, it seems like my view I pass in does not seem to be an appropriate object.

How does the Slice get its List of Initial Colors?

If I want to Change the Color of more than one Object and want them to each have their own ColorInspectorSlice how do I differentiate the two slices to act upon their respective objects?

Any Suggestions?

There are a couple options. The simplest is to have your object conform to OUIColorInspection, use one or more OUIColorInspectorSlices and set/get the appropriate color property for the passed in slice.

You could also subclass OUIAbstractColorInspectorSlice (BackgroundColorInspectorSlice, say) and implement -isAppropriateForInspectedObject: on it to allow your view to be inspected by it. You might require the object to be an instance of your class, or you might just require it to implement -backgroundColor and -setBackgroundColor:.

Additionally in your subclass, you'd implement the required subclass methods for OUIAbstractColorInspectorSlice, -getColorsFromObject:, -setColor:forObject:, and -loadColorSwatchesForObject:.

Using OUIColorInspectorSlice is probably the simplest, but it isn't the only way.
CTO, The Omni Group
Thank you for your reply... Before I break the ColorInspector I tried this out on my newText Inspector. So far its working pretty well.

I've decided to add a key value to the inspectorSlice, then let the object let the inspector slice know if it responds to that key.

something like this:
- (id)initWithKey:(NSString *)newInspectorSliceKey;
Then I can call it like:
	[slices addObject:[[[IoUITextInspectorSlice alloc] initWithKey:@"SETitle"] autorelease]];
	[slices addObject:[[[IoUITextInspectorSlice alloc] initWithKey:@"SEDescription"] autorelease]];
Then as part of the protocol I have the inspectable object define:
- (BOOL)objectHasKeyForInspectorSlice:(IoUIInspectorSlice *)inspector {
	if ([[inspector inspectorSliceKey] isEqualToString: @"SETitle"]){
		return YES;
	} else if ([[inspector inspectorSliceKey] isEqualToString: @"SEDescription"]){
		return YES;
	return NO;

getting the value for the inspector looks like: (I also have one for the Label)
- (NSString *)textForInspectorSlice:(IoUIInspectorSlice *)inspector {
	if ([[inspector inspectorSliceKey] isEqualToString: @"SETitle"]){
		return screenTitle;
	} else if ([[inspector inspectorSliceKey] isEqualToString: @"SEDescription"]){
		return screenDescription;
	return nil;
setter looks like:
- (void)setTextValue:(NSString *)newTextValue  fromInspectorSlice:(IoUIInspectorSlice *)inspector{
	if ([[inspector inspectorSliceKey] isEqualToString: @"SETitle"]){
		[self setScreenTitle:newTextValue];
		[self createToolbarItems];
	if ([[inspector inspectorSliceKey] isEqualToString: @"SEDescription"]){
		[self setScreenDescription:newTextValue];
Any Comments would be super!


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