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Thanks for bringing up Curio to my attention.

I agree that Novamind does take some getting used to. It still has some rough edges but does show potential.

For some other project planning, I tend to use Circus Ponies Notebook because I have the Mac desktop edition and the iPad edition. It can sync documents via Dropbox. It has rudimentary task tracking with outlines and checkboxes.

If Curio had an iPad version with Dropbox support, I'd consider it.

I've been experimenting with just bringing an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard as a replacement for my 17" MacBook Pro for the short trips.

Most of the time, I'd use it for web browsing, e-mail, OmniOutliner, Circus Ponies Notebook, and OmniFocus. I also bought iThoughts HD which allows me to do mind mapping on the iPad, sync the documents to Dropbox and have it read by Novamind.

I'm relatively new to mind mapping so I'm still experimenting.
Originally Posted by wilsonng View Post
... If Curio had an iPad version with Dropbox support, I'd consider it.
The developer is currently working on version 8 with iOS support in mind. Many of the current users have been hot for an iPad version and have said as much as you say above. I would therefore be surprised if an iPad is not announced as a development at some point. You might browse the forums for how iPad users are handling their work flow with Curio in the meantime -- the crowd seems to be quite active. My recollection is that certain iPad mindmap apps export in to formats that can be imported in to Curio -- iThoughtHD may be one of them.

DropBox works fine with Curio to pull in the file. I think users have posted in the forum about how to do this. Also, Curio works seemslessly with built-in support for browsing Evernote files, which itself is fully iX compatible.

Originally Posted by wilsonng View Post
I'm relatively new to mind mapping so I'm still experimenting.
The paradigm shift from linear thinking is the key.

I started with CP Notebook, found Curio while looking for a better idea developing application, discovered the wonders of mind-mapping through it, and now find CP Notebook too constraining. So, I hope you might give Curio a futher try.

(caveat ... my work is all on a MacBook, I do nothing on an iPad)

aaahhh.... thanks.

I'm mostly on a MacBook Pro 17". While I do love it, I do tire of taking it with me. I've been listening to a few Mac podcasts where the hosts talked about playing around with just using the iPad during their travels. So I've been experimenting with the iPad and a bluetooth keyboard and have found enough iPad apps to get me there.

It's not quite as powerful but it gets the job done. The iPad reminds me of the first MacBook Air. It was seriously underpowered and I never thought I would even consider the MacBook Air. But I recently talked to one of my power user friends who swears by his MacBook Air 11".

So that got me thinking of trying out the iPad route or going to the 11" Air.

I did look at Curio a few versions back. I'll give it a go again. Thanks.
I began my work life on a typewriter (and I'm not all that old), and moved through various proprietary computing systems that required a bizarre range of key presses to achieve simple functions.

I've just bought my first iPad to become my mobile computer while my 15" Macbook Pro goes to another member of the family. I was apprehensive about the iPad, but after a week of use I love it. Brilliant, pared-back computing.

The sole drawback is lack of a fluid workflow for filing and consulting research. I can live with this for the moment, but I think that any software house that resolves this will find themselves very popular indeed. I'm betting on DevonTech, myself, and I hope Omni Group swings behind any solution they deliver.
I have some friends who still dismiss the iPad as a toy and not as full featured as a notebook.

But I tend to think of it as another tool in my arsenal. I didn't know what to think of it when I first got mine but I was able to find ways where I could use it as a substitute for my MacBook Pro.

The iPad won't completely take over my notebook but it has certainly complemented it well.

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