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I have recently adopted an adapted Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, and it is clear that I have far more ideas that I could potentially follow up. I have been using my blog as a sort of brain dump for all this stuff, but now that the number of postings has got to a certain level I am realising the error of my ways. I have basically created an online diary, sorted in entry order, when what I would like is something online that is user sortable. That way I could catagorise entries as I make them, and then simply sort them, so that all the entries on the same topic sat together. Clearly this would be far more useful and powerful for myself and users. I can do this on omni-outliner on my own computer, but I would like to be able to export the material to HTML including the sorting functionality.

This would not then be a blog in the traditional sense, less diary, more constantly updated working reference. I think the potential of such functionality would be huge, once people saw a few useful examples, a traditional blog would look very static and one dimensional.

Accordingly it would be worth the effort in making the functionality as painless as possible.

Can other forum members see a benefit in this?
Is it something that you could code for?

regards tallmanbaby
I wouldn't use OO for this. The cheapest way would be to use one of the many incarnations of TiddlyWiki. TiddlyTagWiki is one that comes to mind. Every entry you make is dated but also tagged. You can also add wiki style links to other entries explicitly. This gives you lots of flexibility in browsing.

An expensive desktop software alternative (but that will publish your blog for you) would be Tinderbox. This is powerful but has a steep learning curve.
But on the desktop only.....

That I'd use for this, two other pieces of software. The first is VoodooPad, a freeform, as structured as you wish, wiki generator, it's great. There's a free version and two paid versions. It's got good export to HTML and there's a bunch of plugins. It's got an active user base with lots of scripts and a cool developer too.

Second and perhaps directly structured along what you say is MacJournal, which is diary/blogging software. You can have multiple journals each with multiple entries, all sorted by date with wiki style links between them. It supports export to HTML and works with all the blogging services out there. If you're a writer you'll enjoy the full screen mode.

Last edited by TommyW; 2007-04-29 at 01:00 AM..
thanks for all your expertise, clearly there is software out there to do this, I just did not know how to find it. I'd not really thought in terms of a wiki, but really all I am looking for is a way to sort and nest data, and that is pretty much what a wiki does.

I've downloaded the free versions of MacJournal, Voodoopad, and Mori, and I'll play about with them and see which I like best. I'm not sure whether I would want to upload all my thoughts to a blog/wiki, the Voodoopad ability to upload to an iPod certainly sounds intriguing.

I'll play around with these applications a bit more, as well as TiddlyTagWiki, but thanks for putting me on the right track with this,

best wishes


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