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Cool. That changes the way I'll arrange my toolbar. In "If you give a mouse a cookie" fashion ... Can we have a preference to change the location bar color? That blue clashes with the other blues of the icons.
For me, the main thing is that I'd like to see something a bit more compact in the way of tabs (for those of us using 1024x768). Also, two very small things that haven't been mentioned yet: have an option to disable the splash screen, and make the placeholder for unloaded and blocked images less intrusive (probably transparent).
Here are some of my requests for future versions of Omniweb.

- Speed: It has to be AT LEAST as fast as Safari. At least.
- Better RSS. Something along the lines of Safari, although if they figured out a way to do a better "portal" type RSS feed look, that would be great (see
- More bookmark features. Check for duplicates etc.
- Editing, moving bookmarks in the drop downs (right click).
- More integration of features found in FireFox Extensions (auto-update, html code, more status reports).
- Make good on "Smart" stuff. Smart History. Smart Bookmarks. Smart Websites (reaching for that last one).
- Inline searching (a la Firefox, that is way too cool. Make it better. Make it "Omni").

Let me add another.

The expanded edit field is ok, a neat feature but could be KILLER if you added the following to it.

- Auto text. Pre-set bits of text that could be built and customized to be inserted from the toolbar or via a contextual menu.

- Auto text for HTML, BB stuff. All from a right click. Check out the firefox extension for this.

- An option to launch something else like BBEdit. Kinda of how like iPhoto can launch different editors.

Originally Posted by BwanaZulia
- Auto text. Pre-set bits of text that could be built and customized to be inserted from the toolbar or via a contextual menu.
Textpander. Why limit yourself to only being able to do this in OmniWeb?

It may work for your html stuff as well, but I take it you mean to wrap text in the desired code, which Textpander couldn't do.
Originally Posted by JKT
I wonder if I am the only one who actually misses the translucent title bars of background windows in the OS X of yore? God forbid Apple brought them back for the frontmost window or made the ridiculous UI mistake of Vista's overdone transparent title bars, but it was actually useful in the background windows.
I tend to agree with you in theory that transparency seems like it could play a useful role in distinguishing active windows/apps, but in practice it is hard to use it effectively, as both of the cited examples tend to prove! :)

Of course you can play around with this a little yourself, either with the for-pay WindowShade, or the free InvisRay

Anyway, this is stuff out of OG's control, and they don't really have many options, so IMHO the best option is 'greyed out' toolbar buttons, as noted before.

It's pretty simple to do, so I figured I's test it, and IMHO it seems like a workable solution with minimal effort and negative impact (you can still differentiate unavailable buttons/controls in background windows.)

You'd also want to have lighter drawer thumbnail icons to help avoid the confusion when a background drawer appears to belong to the active window.

The other most visible element that would help to highlight the active window would be to reduce the opacity/fill of the page thumbnails in background tab drawers, which would be a much more visible indication of the active window.

The argument can be made that this is non-standard behaviour, but there is an evident issue in the UI conventions with denoting the active window, made even more evident with the Unified Toolbar theme (which is otherwise superior IMHO, offering a larger drag target, and reducing visual noise in the toolbar.)

I tend to think of this as an extension of the existing convention of greying out window controls and titles, or OTOH that convention is incompletely implemented, and should already have been extended to the toolbars.

Any thoughts?
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:( I thought cross-posting was considered bad forum etiquette?
Originally Posted by Forrest
:( I thought cross-posting was considered bad forum etiquette?
Ordinarily it would be, but it's cross posted in a closed forum, and I figured it was relevant to all versions, not just the SP... happy to retract if I'm wrong. :)
Originally Posted by marc
Ordinarily it would be, but it's cross posted in a closed forum, and I figured it was relevant to all versions, not just the SP... happy to retract if I'm wrong. :)
I'm not a position to say anything is right or wrong on this forum. I'm glad to hear you applied some logic to doing so (I've run into a lot of posters who just do it only thinking "I want more people to see this.") Personally, I wouldn't have cross-posted it but I can see why you did.

The main reason I replied was to let my opinion known that I don't like cross-posting (so hopefully it doesn't be come a huge trend.)
I'd like to see OW add in an interface to OS X Dictionary program. I like the way Pages and Safari both do this, and I find it very convenient.

Its the one Safari feature I've really missed since I've started using OW regularly.

Jack P. Starrantino

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